Waterwells not working

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Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]

When my clan builds a water well (the small ones i havent tried a large one) it starts out full bit as soon as we log out or after an uspecific amount of time it goes dry and doesnt refill.

Would it be possible to disable thirst till this is fixed? its super annoying as there are no local water sources where weve built.

I should mention were playing on official server 1534

Can confirm same. Water well stopped refilling for me on official pvp server. Seems like it stopped refilling after sever reset and has not refilled since.

Just out of interest, is your well on the ground or on a structure/ceiling?

All my wells on the ground seem to work fine.

I have the same well issue with newly built wells, but older wells are working fine. Seems to be true with fish traps too.