Weak mounts with the latest update


In the last update, the mounts are very weak and die easily for npcs.
Mounts do not fight or flee conflict. Standing on the spot suffering damage.
This is occurring on the official PVE-C server
A mount’s HP should not have decreased as much as it did in this latest update.
Is it possible to review? Do any colleagues have any further opinions about it?

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Hey there, I agree with you. I’m on a RP/PVP server on ps4 and I lost my horse twice because of this. They also made me die multiple times by pushing me when following in spikes.

I think its really time that Funcom starts to balance differently for PvE and PvP server settings … Nerfing mounts was one of the most requested adjustments from the PvP side.

Or finding an alternative method of balancing, I get the impression that horse HP wouldn’t have needed a nerf if there was a better way to dismount the rider or if rider damage output had been nerfed instead.

It’s not that the mounts are weak, it’s been coded with a priority to attack your horses compared to a thrall.

PvP balance destroys pve balance for me, we don’t get real fun anymore…

yea for me i dont even see the point in using thralls\pets as i do so much dmg to them on pvp servers. they might be able to take some hits at max lvl but getting to that lvl is annoying when you do about 15% dmg on them at lvl 1 so you ends up killing them almost when trying to lvl them up.

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