Weapon and armor question/suggestion

Why no greataxe (2 handed axe), scale mail, or chain mail armor?

Great-axe: would require a separate set of animations to really work properly. Time and budget constraints mostly. Maybe in the future? Animators are still on payroll I believe.

Armor: it’s in. Heavy Cimmerian for chainmail and heavy Stygian for scale.

Haven’t seen all the animations for the warhammers yet but probably could copy/paste some of those.

Eh, maybe? For a quick and dirty version, sure. Not an expert on medieval combat, but I think axes and hammers were used quite differently.

And what role would they fill, gameplay wise? If it’s just a visual alternative to the hammer, then sure. There may already be a mod out for that. If you want them to be the shield breaker/no-armor killer home-based axes are, then maybe a different moveset would be better.