Weapon & Armor kits encumbrance after use

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Game mode: Private Testlive
Problem: Bug
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It seems if you use the weapon and armor upgrade kits (any one of them) it adds points to your encumbrance even after being used. The points of encumbrance cannot be reduced even with dropping every items on the character, the only way to reset the points is to kill your character. Attempted also to equip the kits from the inventory of a forge or crate and it also does this bug. It seems only once the kit is used will the encumbrance points be added if you simply have the kit in your inventory then store it then nothing happens but if you add it to a item your stuck with the encumbrance of the kit. It adds up over time if you are modifying multiple pieces of gear making your character heavier for no reason. Causes major problems when wearing war paint since war paint disappears after death causing a loss of something extremely resource expensive to make (stat boosting war paint).
Repro steps:

  1. Create a weapon, armor or tool upgrade kit
  2. From your inventory or the storage of a crafting station or box modify your gear
  3. Store all your gear and check the encumbrance of your character which should be at 0% when naked (modifying multiple pieces of gear will make it easier to see this effect since 1 upgrade will keep it at 0% with a touch of green on the bar)