Weapon disappeared from Thrall

So I am playing on 6110 and I crafted some Daggers of Legion. Everything I see shows that it is 46 health damage, but when I crafted them they came out as 41. I put a dmg kit on there and it brought it to 47 (did this thinking maybe lag caused the difference). Then I assumed it was the “variable” weapon effect. Maybe it just comes out with a variable damage, maybe? I don’t know. I logged off for a minute to do some chores (like 10 minutes) and when I got back on the weapon was completely gone from my thrall. Before logging I killed a few animals just to see how the daggers did, so I know they were there. Any one else have this issue/can help with this issue? Thanks!

Update, just made a second set of daggers and upon logging off and back on those are now gone as well. Who do I need to talk to to know why this happening?

Noone, sounds like a bug with this specific weapon. You won’t be getting the item back as there is no “refund” on officials but at least Funcom can look into it.

For Funcom:
Official Server (no mods)
Issue: Daggers of Legion disappear from thrall’s inventory on relog.

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Thank you for input/help! Still new to this whole forum thing.

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variable means the weapon will have damage equal to a random number between a set interval.
Almost all legion weapons have the variable stat.
Thralls eat all the weapons with variable stat. It was reported during testlive.


Hey there,

Thanks for the feedback, it’s been relayed to our team so they can look into it.

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