Weapons Mod: Eujima's Weapon Smithsonian

Greetings Exiles,

Working with the Emberlight Team has given me many opportunities of improving my craft not to mention interact with many other creative artists with in the modding community. That said, i took on the chance to explore the idea of building a mod for myself. With the help of those of Emberlight, Deadlands and a few others, This is now a reality.

For some time I took 35 dollar commissions creating personal weapons for those of the community. while many of these weapons have agreed to be used exclusively for some. there were others that were made, yet unfortunately were never given the chance to be used in-game. With this weapons mod, they now have that opportunity to shine.


Void Ender KotetsuRadiantBlade Thoughtless Akivashas Kiss Blade of the Wild Storm

my main objective for this mod is to reach 100 weapons (currently at 21 weapons in mod) while also have the file size be no higher than 500mb.



If you need ideas I have been thinking of asking funcom for a macuahuitl. It could work well as a skin for either the katana or great axe.

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Very nice work. I like all of it. :+1:

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i just googled this. this will definitely be on my to-add-in list to my 100 weapon goal. thanks.

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No problem. Let me know if you need more ideas.

I had a few more ideas. Kilij, nodachi, gladius, quarterstaff, a proper jian, and an English longbow would all be cool to see. Also if the jian was a pair of daggers with the sword in the main hand and the scabbard in the off hand that would be another cool weapon.


Next set of weapons being worked on:

laid down the Base , detailing and polishing will be added in next update

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Hi everyone, with the recent dev kit update. i will be also updating my mod with a new set of weapons to be added:


next set being planned for release


Greetings everyone,

Before the end of February, im planning on another weapons update.
I will also be consolidating some weapons to be only accessible through admin rights as certain weapons aesthetically look too outlandish in the world of conan. that said they can still be accessed and used if performing some kind of rp event for your server.

current progress as of now:

Note: some weapons were made via commission hence their existence in this mod.

more to come!

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