Wear and Programs window conflict

On my martial artist my programs window and wear window cannot appear at the same time. I tested on an alt and they both display fine. I’ve tried moving them away from the auto alignment to their own seperate positions and that didn’t help either. I also tried pressing ctrl-1 and ctrl-8 instead of clicking the icons. What happens is when I show Wear, Programs disappears. When I show Programs, Wear disappears.

I now see it also conflicts with other windows. The map window disappears when I show the Wear or Programs window. But showing the map window doesn’t make them disappear.

Note that I just installed this yesterday on steam. I haven’t played for 2 to 4 years. All these characters were preexisting.


I may have fixed it.

I used this a different topic in this forum, with this header:

I created a martial artist alt and setup a UI. Then I copied it over my other martial artist, by copying the files at the alt’s folder to my other folder, the one that was having the problem with Programs, Wear and the Map window. I made sure to do the copying when AO wasn’t running. I used shift-f9 to know the character id, so I could find the right folders for the characters. I have one subbed account and one froob acount. The account folders are easy to discriminate, located at:
C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Funcom\Anarchy Online\[id]\Anarchy Online\Prefs

The problems seems to be gone. We’ll see. I’ll update this if the problem recurrs.