Weather: Less Rain in northern Biome and Jungle, add occasional snowstorms in north

When rain was first added to the game I was so excited and I thoroughly enjoyed the first few thunderstorms. But I soon got really tired of the constant rain in the northern and in the jungle biomes. It’s just too much. I avoid building in these areas now because of it.

On the flip side, it would be really cool to have a snow storm in the snowy biomes. It could be made similar to the sandstorm and you would need to find shelter from it to prevent frostbite.


I avoid building in those areas because of the excessive rain, too.

Yes, snow storms and blizzards would be a good addition to the snowy biomes (just not “too much”).


Some variation would be nice in all of the weather.

Desert: Drought
–Effect: Wells replenish water at 1/8th the normal speed.

Highlands: Rain or Snow Flurries

North: Snow Flurries or Blizzard
–Effect: Chance of ice in outdoor wells.

Some more placeable options would be nice, for this.

Rain barrels, that function like a well, only collecting rain water. Would be a viable alternative to the well out in the jungle where rain is more visibly present.


I mean if its a storm, what is considered “too much”? Is it the amount at any single time or the frequency, because I think reducing our visibility to only a short distance out would actually be neat, as long as it was occasional and not constant like the rain we experience in the jungle and highlands.

Also it should lower the temperature even further so people think twice about going out in a snow storm unprepared.

I love this idea! I thought of it a while back too. I would love to get some more use for our sandstorm mask or even get a “blizzard mask”.

and make you slower, at least storms sometimes do it

maybe add it alongside with easter: event find easter eggs in blizzard,

in reality it would be painted sabretoots, wich add you easter sabretooth skin if u sink enought of em

whats the problem with the rain and building in rain area exacly?

Please no. I love the rain.

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I personally like rain and water.

But I wouldn’t want any biome in the game to have 100% constant rain. That’s a bit overkill.

By “too much” I’m referring to frequency. Constant rain is depressing.

Please yes. I hate the rain.

Realistically, the Jungle should have at least a 70-80 % chance for rain to spawn. It is a rainforest, afterall. They are fairly wet by nature.

The highlands are an entirely different affair. That one should be a bit more complex. A mix of sunny, cloudy, stormy, with stormy having a subset for rain shower, thunderstorm, hailstorm, or snow flurries.

That way you have a certain chance to be stormy, but then it’s broken up even further to get one from the subset, so it isn’t always just rain.

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