[Suggestion] Would love to see more weather effects ex. Blizzards

I’ve seen when get a few flurries and that is not what I mean. I would love to see a blizzard that will make you colder if you stay full force in with no shelter buff similar to sandstorm in the desert.

How about heavy, heavy, rain especially in Swungle were it could chill you if you are not clothed properly (even have it where certain helms help with this too). Maybe add a chance of fog (steam in hot climates like swungle) in the mountain areas (more than we have) especially after a heavy rain.

Make it so bowls can be equipped so you can capture water in it to drink as this would be interesting in desert or anywhere else ,(if you need the water to drink or pour from bowl to water bottle for future us) rains we used to have.

Add the fog into the lore also , in the higher (mountains, deep swungle) areas the fog could have an even more threating effect of certain undead creatures or wispy creatures appear to attack from the fog.

This would also make PvE more interesting instead of just waiting for purges. And make PvP even more fun as you can finally, after they shortened the night time, use the weather as cover or an attack (raid) or to escape pursuers.

Heck we could even add fog to the sorcery.

Would like it too feel more like a survival game again.

“Now they will know why they are afraid of the dark. Now they learn why they fear the night.” -Thulsa Doom


This one would adore more weather related mayhem.
Not every biome needs something as horrible as the Sandstorm… But having driving hail storms in the frozen north, searing ash falls in the volcano area, and vision choking mist/fog/ect in appropriate biomes would be nice. There are already thunderstorms in some areas, add some random lightning strikes. In the middle of the weather problems, respawn delay for monsters could plummet, with a much higher chance for random single skull gribblies. The more extreme weather issues could operate like a mini purge, filled with disaster appropriate monstrosities.

Some of this will be very resource intensive, but ultimately it may get more survival concerns front and center.
Nothing like having a raid interrupted because sudden loss of visibility and yeti everywhere.


That would truly make the game world come alive and make your surroundings feel perilous again . Maybe with sorcery rolling out maybe it will disturb the Silent Legion and case them to roam further from their normal haunts especially during possible magically enhanced storms.

Here is also hoping after 3.0 they will take another hard look at different stats (Temperature) on armor and clothing and move them back to also being necessary for the natural enemy of outside night/day climate (desert/ frozen north) and storms.


Personally, i hope they dont stop at just the weather… they could add in swimming crocs and other water hazards, also make especially the bigger ones more deadly… id really like things like elephants and rhino hunts take prepwork and get ridbof the heroic feeling of being able to punch an elephant to death

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