Running for Cover


I suggested blizzard in Frozen North. What about:

  • freezing rain (Highlands)

  • locust plague (same as sandstorm, different animation)

  • heat wave (overheating and blurry vison)

  • night of the living dead (mass skeleton spawns)

  • wild hunt (NPCs transform during full moon)

Flooding, tornadoes, etc.


Here’s some more:

  • Corrupted comet (a passing comet gives corruption to those who are exposed)

  • mega purge (purge for every structure for everyone who meets basic requirements)

  • swamp gas bloom/poisonous fog (giant gas orb effect or same as sandstorm, different animation)

  • monsoon (Jungle damaging rain, same as sandstorm, different animation)


Nice ideas!

Having different equipement to combat those would also be nice. That would force you to plan your journeys accordingly.

(for some reason I read “Flooding, Tomatoes, etc…”, made me smile :smile:)


Wtf, i read tomatoes too. I’m tired and sleepy, what’s your excuse :joy:


Oh man, a locust plague would be both amazing and terrifying.


Hold your fries high, exiles! A ketchup storm is coming :rofl:


Lol! You made me look twice! You never know with autocorrect.:sweat_smile:


Strangely, I did too.

No Tornados. These things are seriously bad…worse than the sounds of snow slipping across the ground. I might be triggered into never opening the game again.