Weird behaviour depending on where Anarchy Online is installed

I’m running the new engine and depending on where I have it installed the windows and game itself looks different.

If I run it in C:/Funcom/Anarchy Online/ it looks good, the windows in the game are small so I can fit more on the screen and the graphics look sharp.

If I move all the files to C:/Anarchy Online/ it doesn’t look as sharp anymore. The windows are also bigger and I can’t fit as much on the screen. Why does this happen? I used Carloss2 guide for the new engine on both paths but still no changes. and I’m using the exact same settings on both pathes (1920*1080 windowed mode, same gpu)

Very strange. My guess is because you have it installed on the same harddrive twice it’s messing things up but that’s my only idea.

The game maintains a separate set of config files for each location it was run from, identified by an 8 digit hexa hash part (created from the path the executable was run from) in the path. So if you move the installation to a different path as you did, it will create a new set of config files on a new path, and that fileset then will also have to be modified the same way the initial one has been.