Weird dots, crappy textures

hey! I need help. I didnt have these issues before. the textures looks so weird on my PC, there is weird lines along the shores of water and looks like small dots moveing around all the time on my screen…

A screen shot would do wonders here.

Here it is. You see the lines going over the water at the far end. Its all over the place on water on a long distance. And an overall blur in the whole game

This looks like it could be a gpu issue. Do you have any other games to try?

If you’re using a VGA cable between the CPU and computer, try reseating it.

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nope This is the first time Ive ever had this issue, didnt have the problem before on this game! it happend after a long time off and a delete and reinstall later!
dont think reseating the VGA did anything

Also I have a HDMI cabel btw :slight_smile:

Assuming you tried uninstalling/reinstalling one more time?

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