Weird Weather in Supermeru or anywhere when in Ghost Mode

Game mode: Singleplayer PC version 103818 / 18696
Problem: Bug - MISC
Region: usa

Okay when looking for Razma’s Journal #8, which is not at the coordinates -235590 70510 -3060 or -235675 73126, where it was for a while, I went to Ghost Mode and down BELOW the mesh, and a wonderful thunder storm and rain began. But when I couldn’t find the Journal underground I rose up and stopped ghost mode, AND the storm stopped dead…curious I then went around to Techtosa’s journals and just for fun went below the ground once again in Ghost mode. Beautiful thunderstorm started once again and stayed raining even when I ghosted above ground all around the temple quarter. Rain, Rain and Rain, but as soon as I left Ghost mode again…storm stopped!!! Not sure if this will help the devs to troubleshoot the weather issue or not.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Go anywhere on map
  2. Admin panel ghost mode
  3. Rain starts, like the trigger is BELOW ground and not above ground???
  4. Ghost all over the map and rain NEVER stops…UNTIL you leave ghost mode???

CONFIRMED again, went into Ghost Mode…RAIN STORM with Thunder effects stays on unitl I end ghost mode and then stops. I am getting some weather when I wander around the map, Just curious…why this is happening only in an Admin Cheat Mode of Ghost???

strange, i agree, after not sure if all people will experiment the same thing here to.

As we know, often two persons can experiment different weather on server. And weather in SP is pretty new for most right now.
I must admit i’m not a hudge fan, it was still my refuge when i was bored about rain on my server, so i could hide back in my north on single-player, this without rain.
I mean, i love rain and harsh weather outside, but i can realy not stand the still wett look inside while is storming outside.
But i know also most people wished weather and rain in SP, so i think that’s fine.

I’m curious and i will test your “rain under the floor” mysterium. Not sure if i can reproduce it in my SP, we will see ! :laughing:

I actually replicated it almost constantly now. I am getting some rain now without me ghosting under but it is just weird that every time that I ghost either above or below the ground, it starts to thunderstorm, not just rain but thunderstorm and stops once I leave ghosting.

Developers looking into the weather problems here is the proof that you may want that this is still not quite correct on SP PC PVP version 103818 / 18696

See below screen shots:

First I am near Sepermeru; second I go to admin panel and “Ghost” up to the sky and voila:


When I quit Ghost mode just a few minutes later:

Voila, the rain stops totally…in just a few real time minutes…

So I go back into Ghost mode a few minutes later and what do you know:

So to enjoy a rain storm I have to be in GHOST mode and enjoy, when I quit ghost mode the storm stops. Actually just kidding.

Thanks for your great work so far and your continuing work to debug this game. This weather bug is not going to be easy to get fixed that is why I am trying to get you more information on the weather system. Oh BTW this will happen also if I Ghost BELOW the ground also and once I get out of ghost mode it stops.

In all fairness though, the weather is working on PC SP PVP, if I teleport to the area north of Chaosmouth, it is raining as it is supposed to. I have seen lighting storms there also. Then if I teleport to the swangle, it is raining also, but I haven’t seen lightning storms there yet.

So I am happy that the weather REALLY seems to be working now on Single Player PC so BIG THANK YOU TO THE DEVELOPERS who are fixing these bugs.

This is a bug that has returned due to a recent change. They are aware of it, but do not expect a fix until after they get back from vacation.

Thanks Cattibria, however the weather is working now when I am NOT in ghost mode and I hope any fixes won’t break the weather again on PC SP PVP. The devs are doing a heck of a job working on all of these bugs so far despite the whining that some folks are doing.

That is the bug. :frowning: They had it fixed at one point.