Weirdness in Siptah

I just recently started playing on the Isle of Siptah (America region) and, while the overall experience has been fun (aside from having to stay well away from the south west portion of the map :roll_eyes: ), I’ve noticed something weird going on regarding the text of the name of the NPCs. When they are alive, to include being unconscious, their names are in English. However, once they die, the text switches to German. I’ve attached a screenshot showing what I mean:

Has anyone experienced anything similar? The server I’m on is a very low population, so there was no one online at the time to ask if they were experiencing the same thing. I play on other maps (Savage Wilds and Exiles) and have not had this happen. It also doesn’t happen in single player on Siptah, either.

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This happens when server and client are set to different languages. Server is set to German, client to English.
There is nothing you can do about it. Only the server admin can.

Same thing happening for me alive they have german names dead english playing on a europien server

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You too? My game freezes every time I approach the southwest region of Siptah.
Things run smoothly at every other location, including the Island of Dawn(SE).
The Island of Dusk(SW) always freezes up my game, forcing me to restart the client.
My computer works fine and is never affected, just the Conan Exiles executable file refuses to close.

That makes sense, I guess. But why would a server set tot he American region be set to an EU language? Strange. On the bright side, it is forcing me to practice my (very) rusty German :crazy_face:

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I think it’s happening to everyone. I’ve encountered the issue both in single player and on servers. It’s disappointing, but I’m also finding plenty to explore and do elsewhere on the map, which is gorgeous, imo.

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We are playing on US Siptah server on Playstation this has been going on since Sorcery if not before. If you research older posts you may find it. Npcs is in English and German when dead killed some this morning still happening. 8090 server says it is US. @Onomog

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It doesn’t every time we login. When we are on next will have to see if partner sees the same. Whe don’t always experience invisible creatures and pets at the same time.

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