Well i no do not like flyhack clan as i met them on a pvp server 2 years ago, but about his comment on 2.4, well all pvp players will agree please listen and thanks to flyhack who did this resume even if i think... well you know what

I’am against maproom for siptah.

Horse travelling is a good thing, and exiles land have already a tp system . It’s better if it’s different in this map

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also, I agains removing heal animation…pvp fight are very very long, too long. Heal animation give cost to heal and it’s more interresting (and make pvp fight less unbearable )

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add “cancel unfair bow nerf” here too :\

just a pvp view of the update…

for pve most of what he finds interesting is just bad nerfs, and what he find meh is the juice of it!

not agreeing for this!

the new update is really nice…

In other words, “It wasn’t a problem for me, so everyone else can go suck on a tail pipe.”

Let me put it in the same terms you used above: I don’t have a problem with PVP server balance, as long as I don’t risk losing my bearer to bad path-finding every time I go to volcano to farm stone.

And if that sounds harsh, consider not writing entitled “I don’t care about anyone else’s problem” arguments. I’m a bit short on sympathy for people who only consider PVP and claim that nothing else matters.


It’s not just about getting to 60, there are also the recipes/feats learned. PvP players already move around from server to server, not having to level a character for the 30th time is pretty big. Especially if you got juicy recipes from doing vaults

Its much easier to provide feedback before a change goes live that to reverse it after it’s put in place.

PvP doesnt need it, its just risking server health for no reason.


Im genuinely curious why you’d take your bearer thrall to the only dangerous spot in the game to farm stone which is readily available and much easier and faster to get almost anywhere else while keeping a thrall 100% safe?

Because it’s actually the best spot for farming stone. It gives you large quantities of stone in short time.

The landslide inside the silver mine will give you several thousand stone in less than a minute, but that’s it. After that, you have to wait for it to respawn or go somewhere else.

Volcano, on the other hand, has a higher density of rock nodes than any other place on the map (except the silver mine landslide). Before they unified the harvesting rates across server types – you know, the patch that made all PVP players cranky because they didn’t get stuff 4 times faster than us plebs on PVE(-C) servers – I was able to get 21k in 15-20 minutes.

I’m not into streaming or making videos, but if I ever made a video, it would be called “How To Farm Stone Like An Absolutely Pathetic No-Lifer” :crazy_face:

And I just want to clarify that I don’t actually take any thrall into the volcano, because of the lava. But every time there is a discussion about the 5th encumbrance perk, people who are against it always say “well just take a bearer with you” and I always say “I’d love to, but he’ll die in lava”. :wink:

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To be fair, PvP servers should have higher gather rates to compensate for the amount we need to build to make a base “safe” and the amount we need to farm if we ever want to rebuild it after it gets wiped by a god/sweaty kid with bombs.

I know the volcano has a high density of rock, I was more so curious because you specifically mentioned taking the thrall is all. Personally, I was fine with thralls taking lava naps.

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I understand the logic, but I can’t really agree with it. You don’t actually need the rate to be higher than PVE(-C), you just need it to be high enough :wink:

Well, yeah, thralls should take lava naps, but they also shouldn’t end up in lava because the path-finding algorithm didn’t do its job properly. :man_shrugging:

And like I said, I’m fine with either followers dying in lava or taking the 5th enc perk away, but not both. Since various Funcom devs have expressed their dissatisfaction with the perk and their desire to get rid of it, I want the game to be ready if/when that happens, and that means being able to take my bearer with me wherever I go farming. If my bearer dies due to mob attacks, that’s on me. If my bearer dies because the server is soiling its bed and the AI is starved, that’s on Funcom.


This sentence is almost turning in to a meme. :man_facepalming:

Tons of games have fast travel. Are EL all those games because of map room?

TBH I don’t care for new mechanics at all, I just want a new map, new bosses and new loot. But I respect that some people want new mechanics. I just don’t get why fast travel would be the thing to ruin it for you.

i disagree, there is a lot of road on volcano that are safe for thrall, i personnaly simply put them on stop when i go in dangerous area in volcano. in 15 month i never had any thralls killed in volcano. i learned which area are safe for thralls or not in volcano, it’s sad that some people don’t want to spend the time to do it.

again thrall immune to lava will create unraidable base (except by god attack) if this is not a problem, well ok… and i think it less interesting to have less risk in volcano for your thrall. why not remove lava in this case, it solve problem too, no ?

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For me, the problem is it’s wildly inconsistent.

One time I had to pass about 4 foundations of lava. I placed my thrall on guard on the other side, so I could run/jump over and put him on follow again. After he was placed on guard he decided to run back to me and back over to his guard spot. But he only lost like 20% HP so no biggie.

Couple of days later I had to pass where you had to take one step in lava. Oh well my thrall was fine last time, so I just ran over. The thrall died there.

Most of the time I just don’t bring a thrall near lava though.

How? If the base is in the middle of lava you can already only treb or god it. If you’re lucky the distance is short enough so you can survive running over there. Else you can only hope the lava is on a slope so the loot will roll down to you.

With thralls in lava it’s still the same. If you can blow a hole you can probably avoid thralls placed in lava and run over and jump in to the base. When you’re in and up on a foundation, you’re safe from the thralls on the lava.

Else you can shoot them from distance, send your own thralls to fight them or pull them to land.

It has never been a good idea to place thralls in the open and it still wont be, even if “the open” is lava.


Trust me, there’s still places you haven’t found on EL. It takes ages exploring the whole map, even with fast travel. (which you have to unlock first and is only one way).

I’ve played plenty without map rooms (you can’t fit one inside a small hidden base) and it doesn’t make the game more fun.

Maybe it’s because I play pvp, but fast travel haven’t made me explore less. You want to know where people live :slight_smile:


If you’re in a decent sized clan, it’s nice to be close to an obelisk.

If you’re solo, you want to be faaaar from everything lol.


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