Well i no do not like flyhack clan as i met them on a pvp server 2 years ago, but about his comment on 2.4, well all pvp players will agree please listen and thanks to flyhack who did this resume even if i think... well you know what

no invincible thralls in lava
no nerf ambrosia
no inventory transfer
is body vault wanted ?
keep stamina regen as is it don’t kill armor class

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I am sorry, but this is just blablabla and nothing of interest.


Thralls must be invincible in lava - OR smart enough to avoid it. Looks like this task is too complicated for their AI, so this game has to use some workaround.


“Why are they developing the game, based on community feedback? I thought this game was made only for my taste and my friends?” - confused youtuber

The wheel of pain animation is there so ppl can decide whether to bomb it or not. He said it himself. How is that a problem? There’s also plenty of time to convert a thrall outside PvP hours if you play officials or vanilla private servers.

The climbing animations are better and impact PvE servers for ppl who want to feel immersed in exploration/competitive climbing. He may not like it because he’s a PvP player, but then again, this is not a PvP exclusive game. I think the new climbing animation is another layer of polish added to the game and looks good.

A form of travel will be added in the future, if there is enough feedback for it , based on what they said in the dev stream. Good job mentioning it in a video I guess, if that is to be considered feedback. It’s not an issue to make a map and add obelisks, which already exist in the game. It’s more about if players need it or wish for something else altogether. I would prefer something new for fast travel. Making the maps different is what I want, and the obelisks would make Siptah less interesting.

The lava&thralls is what the community asked for, just like the maelstrom nerf, horse damage and darker nights. The horse damage wasn’t nerfed into the ground, to have it as an option for pvp still. Some people do enjoy it.

The ambrosia is a follow-up after the healing water. All healing during combat must come from wraps and potions. Nothing should be spammed while still running except your animation canceling macros, which will be dealt with soon i think based on what I’ve seen on testlive.
The ambrosia nerf is part of the design that was envisioned for 2.0 on healing items. Pretending it wasn’t going to happen is like hoping you don’t get wet when you jump in water. :rofl:

The new religion god is on testlive for a reason. If there will be no feedback about it, it will probably be shiped as it is.


well so there will be invicible base build in lava, i had no problem to have my thrall killed in lava, i simply avoid to take thrall in volcano in dangerous area, but yes i agree that IA should have been able to avoid that in keeping lava damage, but the workaround will not be good for balance of the game on pvp server

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are you playing on pvp server against humans ? games is really harmed by what pve community ask, i personnally play pvp server only since day 0. so long long time ago, and all change of games are done mainly for serving pve for long time ago too.

“Oh no! They adressed an exploit where I protect my base with lava. Now I won’t be able to dodge those raids just as efficiently” - what you just said, in other words.

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Are Thralls that good against human raiders? I’ve heard that they are easily killed with poison gas for example, not speaking of thralls and pets belonging to raiders: they will be invincible as well and will attack enemies standing in lava.

Not really for or against. Yeah, you can place your thralls in lava, but the enemy can also send their thralls to attack in lava. Why the hell would you suddenly place thralls on “open” ground, that has never been a good idea.

If we’re talking open pvp (not base raiding) you can only place your thrall so far out so you can also grab it again and if you place an archer someone else’s fighter thrall is probably going to wreck it pretty fast.

Considering they changed the whole heal system, it’s probably not really a nerf, it’s a fix. It doesn’t make sense that a couple of items should stay the old way and I doubt they were supposed to.

I know a bunch on pvp’ers who want the heal changes. Old system was boring.

Agree here. No transfer with inventory for pvp servers or looong cooldown between transfers please.

Only quoted cos it can’t be asked enough lol.

He only showed heavy armor 95% of the time, I didn’t see enough to judge the difference.

It is a problem because it rewards cheating. No, looking through walls isn’t a big cheat, but I doubt it’s intended.

I didn’t see how his opinion would be different because of pvp. He just said it looked like crap and was wasted dev time and I agree.

hum… personally i have some rare thralls with exceptional stats and weapons that can chop you in 2-3 hits, and if they have survavibilty over 30 or gas mask good luck with your arrows, and not even talking of the fact that there is way to place 5 thralls on 1 foundation. because for sure if there is only 1 thrall to defend it’s not a problem, but if there is 30 fighters concentrated into lava with a base well build, what will you do ?

and pets are not a problem they can be killed easily with poison which is not the case of thralls well done and geared. and your thall can use a melee weapon and a ranged weapon at same time.

Why not try and influence the decision before it’s finalized?

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It is W.I.P. It’s not finished. So yeah…

And why do you care? Let us waste our time if that’s what you think we’re doing :stuck_out_tongue:

You can hear the sound from the wheel, if it’s spinning. No cheating.

I disagree. Funcom should invest more into polishing animations and NPC models. It makes the game more enjoyable.

But you can see what thralls are in it through the wall and if it’s worth it to try and steal them.

Is that how you do it? Are you complaining about exploits that you do yourself? Interesting.

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because that’s what you implied.

Nobody’s asking for changes to how it works in PVE.

I don’t do it, there’s no testlive on PS4 so I can’t see what thralls are in wheels lol.

But yeah, 90% of PVP players know how to look through walls.

Well you wrote it yourself, the video is only about PVP and this discussion is based on the video :slight_smile:

But it’s the same in every other thread about server transfer. Nobody is asking for restrictions on PVE servers.


quote=“Ignasis, post:1, topic:159125”]
You’ll keep your name, appearance, level, feats and backpack inventory while leaving everything else behind. Even within Exiled Lands servers, or from/to Siptah!

“even within exiled lands servers”

No it’s not fully explained, but it seems like it’s to/from any servers.

I’ve been asking for them just linking one EL and one IoS server the whole time and I think that would be awesome :slight_smile:

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Guess why most people on pvp servers already do that or use foundations lol.

But to be clear, I don’t mind the wheel changes (but I don’t personally care about it either).

But fixing the wall-peek would probably be a good idea lol.