Well working Purge process with illustrations

hey folks !
Since a lot of us do not see the purge working at all i thought it could be interesting to post infos and illustrations about a well working purge, so here you go :slight_smile:

First have a look at my purge settings:

ok so first purge happening near the black galleon since i started this new SP playthrough a few days ago.
As you see, cross is marked at the exact same spot my base is located and the purge warning triggered well, so i had time to prepare…

here is the state of my purge meter when the purge triggered:

here is my base set up so you get an idea of it…

begining of the purge: black hand naked NPCS
you should see this kind of message each time the purge goes to the next phase.

if you look far enough you can see the spawn point of the NPCS (like 5 or 6 guys walking towards my base)
Btw it’s about 200 meters far away from my base location.Note that the spawn point can sometimes be REALLY close to your base.

here you can see these npcs closing distance to my base (base is right behind my char)
So the script worked well enough.

A bit of action going on…all archers are shooting!!! well, except one :smiley:

purge finished way to fast with this settings, so i should raise the duration and the lvl. Note that you should face several waves of ennemies before reaching the end of the purge, but since my settings are set to kinda “easy” for testing purpose, this purge was very very weak and lasts about 3 waves only instead of other purges i experienced in multi which used to last about 15 waves.

Finally, the state of my purge meter once it was finished:

So this was the worst thing during this pretty well working purge : half of my fighters kept their weapons equiped and thus became useless. So you should put their weapons back in their inventory slots to let them be effective again. But this can be a severe issue during hardcore purges.

Ps: i’m fully aware that most of you guys already know all of that stuff, but i’m sure it’s not the case for everyone, considering the comments i often see about the purge on this forum threads.


Maybe latest patches made some justice to the purge.
Haven’t checked it yet myself. BUT yesterday one of my friend got a purge actually showed up :smiley:

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