Wells aren't working

Are wells bugged? I’ve tried foundations, ceillings and flying around the map to no avail, the ground is never level enough or something is always in the way.

I have not tried to place on recently, but the one I do have placed isn’t gathering water at all. I didnt know if it was just the server I am on, or the game in general.

It seems as if they fixed it with this latest patch, thankfully.

Yeah, mine are not filling back up at all. I have all types of wells and the Statue of Refreshment wells and they remain empty for days now. My base is quite a ways from a water source so this is very inconvenient. Need a fix here.

Are you using the small well or large because I know they fixed the small well at least for me, will verify in a little bit also dealing with a tech support issue on another game (AC:Origins).

Both wells really. The large well doesn’t work at all. The small well fills up at first, but after a while it goes dry and that’s it, it drys up and you get no more water from it.

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