Werk of the lost tribe Epic Armor bug

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug
Region: US/North America

I am trying to craft flawless Cimmerian Fur armor and when the ingredients are in the table, the components light up, but I still don’t have the ability to craft.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Add Werk of the lost tribe to improved armorer’s bench
2.add hardened leather
3.add layered fur
4.add perfected medium boot lining
5.With Werk of the lost tribe in the table, try to craft Flawless Cimerian Fur Boots

Picture of issue: https://twitter.com/KenSandy5/status/1171513467053862912?s=20

I think they changed it to where you have to open the recipe now. Before, you could just put in the mats, and the thrall would craft it if it had the recipe. now you have to have the recipe opened up as well. Think it was last patch it was “fixed”.

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Named armourer can no longer craft the items he did before not sure who or what during the weekend. After update

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I think you should check your feats to verify you have it unlocked. It shows properly on mine. PS4 Official Server.


Hello @kensandy, thank you for getting in touch!

As it has been mentioned, please ensure that you have the required feat unlocked.

My Werk (the second one I had to thrall after a brain fart decay episode) still makes my Flawless Cimmerian heavy just fine. I use it on all my bearer & higher fighter thralls & definitely on myself when in the cold… although I do now have a full set of Godbreaker & Champion armor.

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