West vs. East imbalance

Anyone else feels like east side is vastly superior to the west? It has much higher creature variety, more accessible terrain, more bosses that drop legendary keys, better placement of resources/treasure chests and to top it off, it has one more functional Leyshrine.

Pretty much the only real advantage I see that west side has is Puffball Mushrooms.

I’m not sure if it is all intentional, but I feel like the gap is so huge that you have to be out of your mind to willingly choose settling in the west.

If it’s not intentional and the gap is to be bridged, I suggest start with repairing one of the west side’s broken leyshrines.

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Ironic because on my server, it seems like far more people have settled in the west.


thats kinda funny, I started on the West and felt like it had more to offer. but BOTH sides are actually pretty diverse. like West has a massive undead city/dungeon to explore, and a few other hidden gems. Just like East. Its actually pretty balanced tbh. As it should be, if they were identical, no one would ever explore the opposite side.

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IMHO, both sides have serious pros and cons. Here’s what I dislike about the east side where I settled down:

  • poor visibility: the ridges and trees block my view, and there are no easily visible landmarks to orient by
  • lack of flat land: the west side has more space for bigger builds
  • not mount-friendly: getting anywhere requires too much winding around

I think the critical problem on the west side is that it only has one river. Funcom needs to rethink their stance on putting fish traps inside large wells, because it’s causing huge problems on Siptah.

The west side is supposed to be “safer” when you settle. It’s the side where it says it has the “calm” starting location I believe.

The rest are classified as more “dangerous” spots for starting out. Later on though I guess they make more suitable farming areas, but I actually like the west more even though it’s a real pain to get to the east side later and check that out.

One word: bears.

I’m not sure what they did, but I was running down a river on the east side and I guess happened to be in someone’s land claim. When I tried to drink water I was getting that buzzing noise that indicated that I was using a feature owned by another player (like the sound you get when you use another player’s map room). It was really weird.

Both sides have a “safe” and a “dangerous” starting location.

I think the intention was that mounts traverse the center of the map with ease (large plains for easy speed). The sides are for more foot-based travel, though you can take a mount through there if you insist.

There’s actually two “safe” starts on each side of the south and two “dangerous” starts on each side of the the north. So out of the four start locations, you can pick a safe or dangerous start on the West or East side. I really liked how they gave us options for starting characters.

I was actually testing that theory in a few playthroughs. My first impression was that the East was much better. I’ve built on both sides to try to work out what I like best. And I’m having difficulty deciding. There’s not really “one” spot that I feel completely comfortable with. I have yet to find that “perfect” base location.

Anyone got suggestions for a great base location on Siptah?

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Ah… Good observation, and happy forum birthday!

Yes, I really liked how they handled the starting areas too.

For some reason I got it in my head that the one that said “it seems really calm and safe” place was the safest one. Seems the map has replay value.

I’m pretty pleased with the actual map and geography. I settled east, and at first it seemed like most folks did on my server. But now that we’re a few weeks in, I see builds all over the place.

I keep hearing from players on east side, “where’s the aloe”. On the west side you can’t take two steps without running into some. So maybe it’s an intentional difficulty choice to settle in the east vs. west.

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I personally think the southern coast is the best side of the map to build on.

I agree, but I’ve only been to the north side once. Haven’t actually tried to live there.

But the bears…the bears made me run back to south side the moment I was done there.

WHERE? :smiley:

Top floor (not the roof) of New Luxor above the headless boss (don’t remember his name). Northern most half of the city at M11.


Personally I haven’t really found any particular resource yet that is exclusive to one side or the other that was important enough to dictate where I put my base. So far all that matters is the terrain. Do I want a treehouse complex kind of base, or a more traditional flat area or cliffside base.

Also what kind of view can I get. I kinda wanna build something way up on top of those cliffs in The Claws. (I think that’s the name, but could be wrong). Unfortunately, the first place I scouted had the remains of some camp up there with notes some guy left about building a set of wings to fly with the birds.

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I’m on the west and as far as looks looks go i think its superior, the abaility to get fragments of power is also better on the west, otherwise east has a much easier time, they have both wolfman vaults, which are hands down the easiest vaults to clear through, let alone everything else mentioned.

Still there are so many spots I am like ’ are they going to put something here’ like it just looks like a place for an boss or lore spot or even a dungeon entrance, that said nothing I have seen indicates anything of that sort will be added.

If we all think we found the best spot or side of the Island, I’m thinking they did a good job with the map.


I don’t know about the “best” spot. Every time I look at the map and think “That would be a great spot for a base.”, I go there and find one of the devs had the same idea and put some ruins or something there that you can’t build on. :man_facepalming:

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For me playing single player at the moment, I’ve restarted quite a few times and it is more of a toss up. For the east I am building just south of the Sterpent Vault, west at the lake.

East side:

-Easy access to the Serpent Man vault for the outstanding weapon upgrades found there. They drop Serpent Man weapons and are doable with a thrall and iron gear. I like Skirmisher and stacks of 10 javelins drop like candy making life a whole lot easier for the rest of the climb to 60.

-Brimstone in large quantities

-Access to lots of thick leather, pets and keys at the NE island, with the threat of getting instagibbed by random 1 skull cats.

-Surge locations seem much more tedious to get to here than on the W side. One of the northern ones has a gauntlet of wolves every 100 feet as you ascend to the top of the plateau and is particularly annoying and not really doable early.

-Not many places for fish traps.

-You can actually put the animal pen down someplace (in the water!). It won’t go on a flotsam foundation.

West Side:

-The ridge with the Harpy Vault is loaded with good resources including the areas below and to the side of it.

-Much easier and less tedious access to the surges. A couple spawn in the ruined city and are on the tedious side but still less so than the east.

-You can just go to the center area with no fighting.

-As many fish traps as you want.

-“Enough” heavy leather to get going early with the nearby Lynx spawns

Now you can probably move your base to a better spot on either side and negate the disadvantages. For the east there are certainly good spots closer to the middle more viable for higher level characters. But for me, the west side is more bountiful while the east has that sweet Serpent Vault and thats the main difference between them.