West vs. East imbalance

We have two servers we play on the west coast, and one for east.
The west is typical conan exiles stuff. Kinda boring after a few days.
The east is scary, heart pounding, Mrs, Mrs Jones wont even go out without her saber or me.
Now thats pod racing


West seem to be the most dominant place on my server aswell

Probably for the following reasons:

  • East surge spawns are a lot harder to get to
  • Not much flat huge area’s in the east which limits building (the trees are nice, but mostly for treehuts)
  • Wolfs and bears in the east are harder to deal with compared to aligators and rocknoses in the west
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The west also has lynxes scattered about, which can be a pain to deal with at times.

True but these lynxes are also in the east :stuck_out_tongue:
But the Lynxes are pretty weak compared to wolfs

If people in the east are having problems finding aloe then they are blind. You simply traverse away from the starting areas near any water (including some beaches) and you find plenty.

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