What is the point of the Dusklands (or the west of the island in general)?

OK, so since 2.4 deployed I have been playing a bunch. I have set up my base near the Pools of the Grey Ones, getting my thralls from the neighboring Stygian camps and a couple of Purges.
I have explored the Dusklands now and I had already done so during the Testlive period. My point is: why on earth should you go to the Dusklands? In the Savannah:

  • You can farm Grey Ones for weapons (which kick ■■■ and deal a ton of damage in the hands of a thrall) and dismantle them for Obsidian bars.
  • You can farm Grey Ones for Fragments of Power (I think I got roughly 100 of them since I started this run).
  • You can farm camps for Figurines, then go to the Pools and summon them for legendary weapons, Schematic Fragments and ???.
  • There is good visibility during the day. (although this is up to personal taste).

In the Dusklands there are pirates, cimmerians, and baboons that sound like shalebacks, I guess?

Seriously, between this and the Redwood forests, the eastern side of the island is WAY more interesting and has a lot more opportunities than the western side. There are NO flotsam crates on the western side, so no early Gravedigger. New Luxur and its recipes via the Judge are there.

It’s a shame because I find the western side to be a lot better-looking than the east side, but EVERY SINGLE INTERESTING OR IMPORTANT THING IS ON THE OTHER SIDE.

The western side needs a BIG overhaul IMHO, or servers are going to be absolutely empty on the west.

EDIT: And don’t take my word for it, here is the proof: this is the Isle of Siptam Map from Conan Exiles Interactive Map - Isle of Siptah. Look at how flotsam crates, recipes and camps are spread. There is simply no contest.


Playing solo, not liking close neighbors/build spam and being somewhat of an edgelord I built a wheel outpost in the lower west. It does (at least) have a boss that drops a Shining ???, though the East certainly seems the ‘downtown’ shopping area.


You make a very strong point, something I have picked up on as well.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Dusk Lands aesthetically (busy building my Cathedral of Sin there :metal: :smiling_imp: ) and there is one thing you will need if you want to forge Gray one Weapons and armor…but other than that it is a bit lacking in “farmable content”.

What I am hoping for would be a nice big dungeon in The Fractured Citadel with a new unique recipe for armor and weapons! I think that could help with the problem.

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But even then, it is not worth it: all the recipes for the things you can forge are elsewhere, and even then, you can farm obsidian bars by dismantling the Grey Ones weapons and armor, go to the forges, craft some weapons/armor and repair them with the stuff you have at your base. There is no real purpose in forging the damn things anyway, you can farm them and repair them if you know the recipe.

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On my server the west is way more crowded, easier world bosses and the Leyshrine being closer to the middle.

Also the land on the west is less obstructed by trees, way more open.

But I kind of agree, but for both.
When you are in the east there is little reason to go west (maybe only for some dungeons) same for the other way around.

Really? I once built a base in the west but I still had difficulties building a decent base because the land is a lot less flat with Claws and all in the way.

Sure, you can find any resource you might need in either side of the island, but every extra thing such as recipes and flotsam crates can only be found on the east. And don’t underestimate flotsam crates: you can farm them in total safety and through them get an early gravedigger, allowing you to loot armor and weapons that you can only get much later.

Yeah, the forest is also a little dark to create a base most people like lighter area’s. The land is not that flat, its just less obstructed by trees and stuff, each area has his up and downsides :slight_smile:

Yeah you can be located closer to the area but you don’t need a base next to it, you can build west and visit the flotsams sometime.

I think to balance it out we need flotsam on the west too, so yeah if that’s a thing, this is necessary to balance things a little more.

T.b.h. I don’t get why people needs the content as quickly as possible, just take your time haha

Yeah, I agree. The West side of the map is pretty but there is not much of interest. I recently started building in the West because there are some cool spots to build but to find any decent action or camps I have to go East/South East.

We don’t have all the same taste, on will not wish build bases, or even outposts in same locations.
For my part i love the forest. Yes, if you want build a big castle, it may be problematic, but you can hop up the trees, and create a great settlement.

There many places to build, and it depends lot preference. I love mostly smaller, compacter bases, but have more than one mostly. I’m not a mansion, big castle builder most time anyway. And i love cozy but dark atmosphere,

Most of what you’re talking about is situational, and has short lived benefits. I find the west side of the island to be much easier to navigate, and allows for far better access to building materials like iron, stone, etc. I personally cannot stand the redwood forest, and the terrain of the south east is just awful to navigate.

Access to thrall camps isnt really deal breaking either, it takes little effort to set up an outpost thrall wheel. Once you have the thralls you need, its not a big part of the game.

Personally, I don’t know why anyone would build a main base on the new land mass. It has awful resource availability outside of hides and meat. I rebuilt next to the Demense of the Demon spider and have a secondary base on the plateau in between Dusk and Dawn.

Mhmm, with the lack of fast travel, unless you want to be far away from everything and everyone (for pvp reasons) it is not very convenient to build there. I built small outposts until I got the thralls, I wanted.

A bit more on the western side of Dusk and Dawn, there is indeed floatsam on the west side. The interactive map is by no means fully up to date. There are at least 5 between Sipho’s Ship Yard and The Spit. Temple of the Loon has a 100% spawn point for T4 fighters which I believe are purge level. And the Fractured Citadel is a good place to get essence. Plenty of reason to venture there, and its not nearly as heavily farmed.

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