What 6 man instances can you solo?

I remember i was able to solo 2 of them, one because it was a little bugged, the boss could not hit you and would not reset, therefor you were able to cast on him. It was “fixed”. Another instance i cannot remember the name, you were meant to jump from a side to another side of a wall, the boss would run all the way around to get you and meanwhile you would cast on him. If someone remember the name and if it is still working because i used to do these many years ago. What about now? It’s not much about finding some exploit, it is more about getting some better challenge, at the end of the day you get your items in the raids, and i know some players were or are capable to solo this kind of instances. Regards.

First that comes to mind is Vortex in monastery, Only thing that requires is lot of running around avoiding getting snared (dt preferred) imo

I guess you could technically Solo necropolis as dt too, as long as u bug the “puzzles” and deal with the ghost somehow, haven’t tried thou, but u should be able to out heal the dmg boss do on u with DT

and both on HM ofc

That was Coppice of the Heart and I was there when it was bugged - twice! First “tactic” was to jump the small walls up and down so the boss had to run up and down and your team could DPS like crazy rabbits, there was no probs with aggro. But one bad jump and you were all screwed :smiley:

Second “tactic” was running around the central platform and DID NOT let the boss to touch you, this way he never went dormant (and heal) and you could slowly (due to potential aggro loss) DPS him by bows/slow range DPS.

Done both on conq but I was so bored that I was actualy happy after they were both fixed :slight_smile:

You can probably solo some of them if you kite alot, and imo thats just boring so never bothered, i did do some challanges before out of boredom, some of these were rly fun, get a friend and kick some ■■■ :slight_smile:

2man dugout hm

2man Vortex hm

2man arman fort

2man jarl kosh of wyrm

2man birdieplace

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Well, I don’t play soldiers, so I can talk about mages and healers.

I partially soloed Kang Pagoda with my priest of Mitra (killing the guards 2 by 2 and then all 3 minibosses one by one). The guards have a “sunder” something called attack that can be quite nasty, expecially cause you fight two at the same time. they are all CC, anyway. The minibosses are ofc immune to cc, instead. The strategy I used there it was fighting in melee range (and using elusive nature perk instead of chromatic warding, even if they do fire damage) even in spellweave and kite along the stairs everytime I was low with health (you need to pay attention to gain enough distance to be off his range of fire attacks, but if you take too much distance you could find in the top of the stairs when he is in the middle between 2 stairs and he hit you).
I partially soloed with the pom Hall of Eternal Frost NM (only the soul of Un Nefer). The soul is easy, but the couple adds at third and four makes things not so easy cause you fight in a quite small space because they reset very easily if you just take a bit of distance. For a pom it’s all about CC the 2 guards close the boss to maximize dps and be fast to shot,cc, change target and move. I think it could be all soloable for me with a bit more gear (my pom is T3.5/T4, not all accessories) and training. You can soloed Karutonia NM (soloed with demo, pom, tos).
If you search challenges anyway you can solo trash in various dungeons: with a bit of patience, skills and luck I soloed all trash in Tia-nan (craterspawns can be challenging for clothies cause they can place a dot on you hitting for 1-2k and cause they usual hit for 2-3k…) with the pom and partially with the demo, for example. Same, but partially for Ai and the very first level of Uba Khan.
HIMO, a very good challenge for a solo player anyway is always the champion of ymir in epic Ymir’s pass. He’s only 63 level but hit like a T6 boss (3-4k damage per hit up to 6k damage if he hits you without shields). He’s immune to all CC, place a couple of frost dot on you from distance, and a snare (a 70% snare) from distance (you can remove with the perk). For a clothie, solo, is a very strong opponent and I think even for a soldier. I killed more times in 2, but I never was able to solo him despite more tries (I want to do with the demo).

Again about single bosses:
Sentinel of Defense in Vile Nativity could be soloable by a soldier. I took to 60% with my T4 guard (I died when he enraged) on live-test server and I don’t have experience at all (or very little) with soldiers.
Shryke in Threshold is soloable for sure by a soldier.

And then ofc, if u search challenges, you can have fun and a different flavour in wilds, triggering the right things and set your goals.
For me the fight must be even beautiful to see.
I’m having fun lately fighting with the UI hidden (so I can’t see info about my heal and the cooldown of the spells) using only key-bounded spells.
You can check some in my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG3KOHxT9kYhPG6SS0w5_eg

Cool videos! Thanks for sharing