What about a Rollback? I know its unrealistic, but listen

Well, as the title says i think the most polite thing to do is for both the company and the community to back up a bit. Regroup, make ammendments and work together, because as of right now is evident that you as a company dont listen to the userbase. I dont know, maybe the Asian comunity is more nuanced to these new changes and happy with it, and they’re the ones bringin the dough…idk, this is just speculation of course.( But i say that mostly because i spent my money on the game too, so i guess im a little entitled to at least give a few words in here and try to be listened) The point is, we would like to know! at least tell us. Where are the people asking for these changes? I’m not saying they’re all bad, MANY are very good, but come on! “Drink less water” as perk?. There’s no way someone in the community asked for that or if they did it is so against everything that makes sense in a game.
So , don’t come up with things like we fix this and that and not tell us the other way
Something like: Hey guys! this might be broken now, so if you need to use this, it will take 1 week to be fixed. Sorry, thanks for the support.
You know… dont become certain company that just gloates on nostalgia. Like yeah we get it, NEW HAIR STYLES THAT LOOKS LIKE THE DEV’s That we been asking forever OMG WE LOVE YOU!.. Not why i play though.

This game made me mostly leave all other games,(Is like us the people that play the game can see all these great potential and you just watch as a business model that clearly ISNT working, as the userbase will plummet no doubt, again just specelution so there’s big doubts lol) other games get so eclipsed by Conan and you guys know there’s a lot of people that think like me and there’s so many point of views from many others people that have different tasted than mine that will feel the same about the potential of the game. IF and only IF,(i really dont even know why im saying this, like it havent been said a 1000 times before but here it goes), you people start listening to the real community:first of all the artist that made an amazing job, like jesus the sheer amount of art these game have is what pains me to the heart what’s being done to it, so please, give them a raise if they deserve lol and make them part of the desicions on the base of the game, i would love to see what happens to the game if the artist imagine how it would be like to influence in your attributes, weapons and armor. I guess they do to some extent, secondly the modders wich are the people that really loves the game for what it is, and try to improve on what is giving on them. third admins from succeful private servers, and to a less extent content creators, why i say this last thing?
Because they maybe nuanced to what their Ego tells them, wich sometimes can be good, sometimes can be bad. and fourth wich i dont know how much weight we carry, but, and these is a big BUT we are the people that just love the game so much that will fight with you, so you don’t duck up, run out of money and kill the game.
I mean the least, Funcom can do is to address ALL the issues(freezing is the least of the issues with these patch though it was the most urgent one, the game still is in many regards unplayable and i stoped playing siptah a month ago, and being playing on Exiles for a week to give it another shot and see if at least that is enjoyable, and there i was enjoying myself when these patch totally broke the waves of my chillness… i dont even want to know what is being made in Siptah, but thats just how i feel). Instead they gorge us with hotfixes every week/day that barely fixes the “real issues” of what the community is drawning their sorrows on.

Then again to my main request I will gladly wait one more week or one month than having to play these half made patch and will change a lot of my opinion on you as a company. But then i again what do i know about how to run a business, also its too late probably now. it will break more than it will fix. then again, i just play the game.
Best of luck to you guys, i hope you succeed in lifting the game up where it deserves. And please make me play again!.

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Honestly the ‘Waste Not’ perk effect should just be a baseline change to the vanilla game, no perk needed. Just always only use 0.5 units of water instead of 1. It does not deserve a full perk (especially at rank 20) for reasons I’ve gone into in my other posts.
I think I kinda get where their heads were at maybe, because we’ve all been well aware that at vanilla rates, the rate of thirst in the game is pretty brutal. And they may have been trying to address that? But come on guys, don’t take this weird, weak half-step. Just go all the way and make it a baseline change to the game, not something we have to invest that many points into. Or fold it into the level 10 survival perk.

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Yes, i think the best solution would be to add it to the level 10 perk instead of making a new full one. I dont recall what’s have been removed but if they wanted that gone they could have come up with something else in its place

they replaced the perk that gave double resource harvesting from animals, Efficient Butcher, and they pushed the former level 20 perk to level 30.

Oh yeah, i forgot about that one, not that useful either tho specially on Siptah now.

Good for getting lots of hide (thus tar, thus steelfire). :3

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