What About Headshots?

My little brain is ticking over.

Hello Siptarians

Just a thought, should we introduce headshots into the game?

So if we shoot an arrow into the head of an NPC, they die instantly?

Would this be better or worse for the game?


I used a mod in Skyrim that allowed instant death on NPC’s without helmets or if you managed to shoot through a helmet that had a large opening. Certainly Conans hitboxes wont allow that level of detail with helmet slits but it does have that perk that allows you to do more damage with a headshot in the archery. Most NPC’s in Conan don’t wear helmets for deflecting arrows, especially boss thralls that would be unfair to one shot. They would have to add a lot more helmets on NPC’s and that’s a bit of work along with managing a system for what helmet should be unaffected by a one shot.

Whatever usually comes around in NPC effected terms comes around to the player as well to keep balance and it would be a nightmare with the aim thralls have for players although I wouldn’t mind it at all. At least we don’t have thralls running at us with eight arrows sticking out of their eye socket and skull.

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Speaking of heads, I always find it highly amusing when I kill a Bearer, and their head rolls away with the backpack still attached. lol


Contrary to what many people thinks an headshot is not a guaranteed kill. Especially if you use a bow the bone can stop an arrow.
In Ce if I wasn’t playing on a console so I can use a bow without my aim being slow and inaccurate, I’d aim for the leg rather than the head. An opponent that can’t run away is easier to catch and kill. :grinning:


Fair enough

I think that a 100% guaranteed headshot kill on a npc with a bow would be too easy because at a certain distance npc don’t move at all unless they are aggroed, but you can still hit them with an arrow, so if you could one shot them with an arrow they would just be sitting ducks :slight_smile:

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Good point, aggro presents an issue here. Didn’t think of that.

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Isn’t there already an Accuracy perk that grants bonus damage if you hit the target’s head? Or did they change that to something else? I admit, I use a bow pretty regularly (usually to aggro an NPC, or weaken them a little before going into close combat, or one-shotting annoying hyenas before they see me) but never really invested points into Accuracy.


Thats a thing? Count me on the votes for “please never fix.”


It is a thing. The first time I saw it was a WTF moment. . .lol. I wasn’t sure if I should chase the head and backpack to get the loot or not.
This happens a lot at the east entrance of the Den, where the bearer sits by the bonfire.


Gotta try that. Does it help with blunt arrow effectiveness?

Shooting in the head?
I don’t think it increases the chance of that, because I too saw many times and usually (99% of the time) I kill enemies with melee or orbs and no matter what, if their death animation is the one that causes their head to rip off of their body, it will roll with the bearer pack still on.

I have to play accuracy build before 2.4, yet back then it existed and you loose more than 200 hp if the archer (player) succeed a head shot with reach of the red and hollobone arrows. So if you head shot any npc of exile camp or Sinners Refuge for sure you would one shot the npc, maybe even the darfari.
Years ago Firespark81 did the whole war maker dungeon with accuracy build and bows.
Things changed however now so I am not so sure, I can’t tell about accuracy now :man_shrugging:

A moment of silence for the late and lamented flying rhinos.


I too miss them.

But at least we now have the new flying rocknoses to comfort us :smiley: (and I swear it looks like they go cross-eyed as they fly away after you hit them in the face with a big hammer :laughing:)


I loved those flying Rhinos.

Can we add mysteriously floating scorpions too?

I miss the old days…

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