What are they worried about?

Dear diary:

Back in Agartha today for a rendezvous and I noticed something odd. The giant robots (I forget the technical name, you know there’s a reason I’m Chaos and not Blood) are positioned oddly if their role is defense.

Most of them are either positioned statically or roving, but in either case they are solo. The only exception I can think of are the pair on the platform leading to the hubs. But this is really odd if they are to defend Agartha against invaders from the wells, since the hubs are probably the safest wells there are.
[Edit] Note that the pair are facing the hub wells, so they really look like they are on guard against them.[Edit]

The only reason I can think of for this is if the controllers thought that the factions were the biggest threat to Agartha. I certainly hope this reasoning is not correct.

If they are correct, who are the controllers and why would they think this?


The factions are the biggest threat to Agartha, you are correct. So makes no sense why we should be mingling around as best buddies when we are locked in a faction war with each other and “Fraternizing with the enemy!” is frowned upon.

Before launch I think there were to be 2 PVP zones, Shambala and Agartha.
It was then later replaced with Fusang and Agartha used as the way we traverse the portals to the zones. (So I have read)

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I don’t remember Agartha as pvp zone… There was Fusang, Stonehenge and El Dorado, besides the fight clubs.

And custodians are not really for defense, they are for maintenance and to cleanse Filth when it gets into Agartha.
Oddly, there are custodians in Fusang as well, and I never understood how could anyone carry them there… Orochi also had one stolen custodian I think? Don’t remember all of the Tower.

For the last question, who are the builders… that’s a good one. Someone (something?) during the Third Age, when Agartha was in danger.
We need a proper lore wizard to that answer, I’m just a hobbyist.

From what I’ve read this was perhaps before the public got to see it. I don’t remember it as a pvp zone either. But the idea was that Agartha was your pvp zone where you compete for anima resources. No idea why it was changed.

I don’t recall hearing from Agartha as a pvp zone anywhere, but I can kind of see that with the old concept art.

It was The Red Hand who got a Custodian… somehow.