What are you hiding from us? On religius tools not working in MP

What are you guys hiding behind the religius tools locked/not working for multiplayer?

Don’t tell us about being buggy because they work in single player, so one might be legitimized to think you are actually hiding something and that might be why you couldn’t “fix” them since the begin of this new testlive phase…

Something’s fishy in norway :stuck_out_tongue:

For what it is worth, there used to be a lot of things that worked in live and not on solo (thrall banners for one). Don’t forget, this is Early-access (for a couple more weeks) and currently in lock down. I suspect that, based on the short time-frame, it is easier to deactivate troublesome items than to patch-test, release, etc. instead of focusing entirely on Go-Live date.
(but hey, religions have always had their share of hidden conspiracies - why not Conan :wink: )

It is the same in the SP and Coop games.

It’s all the Hyborean Illuminati, I tell you! :stuck_out_tongue:

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So a buddy of mine has a theory that it might be due to a weird bit of code (that may be fat fingered in for all we know) that decides who gets to loot what. In Singleplayer that would be the main player. The first entity the game creates in the database.

For multiplayer, its different because the server is setup and launched before the first player enters. Which means they are NOT the first entity the server creates.

It doesn’t make sense why that matters, but it does explain the situation a bit.

But as it stands now, no tool, not even normal ones work on humans. Weirdly enough Ymir axes don’t work either as I tested those yesterday. The weird part about Ymir axes is they get their resource from trees. I get wood, branches, and resin (depending on tree) but no shards.

There are certain things we do not have access to on the Testive servers. Avatars and religious artefacts is one of them. If they don’t want us to see them for what ever reason then that is fine.

I know for one thing if we did have access to Avatars no testing would be done on the testive servers at all.

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You can still summon avatars on testlive, just craft 1260 mitra ankh, seen it being done already, xD

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