What are you listening to right now?

I know it´s not the proper section of the forums but we don´t have an offtopic-section to post it to.
So … what are you listening too right now? (Post a YT-Link if you have one!)
Also I´m always interested in new music to listen to! So if you have a recommendation just post it also in this thread. I´m very flexible when it comes to new music! :wink:
I start:

Scandroid - “Neo Tokyo”

(The song is my inofficial soundtrack for SWLs Tokyo in the relaunch. Scandroid is a side-project of Klayton aka “Celldweller” who you secret worlders maybe know because of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfAkh7ZM5o8)


Necrophobic - Requiem for a dying sun

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@Svella ^^

Die Kassierer: “Das schlimmste ist wenn das Bier alle ist” (Du hast die Band irgendwann mal im alten Forum in einem Posting erwähnt ^^)

(For the non-germans: German Punk music (Beer-related!) and a musical memory of my subcultural Goth-Punk-Metal-Past ^^)


German Mainstream Hip-Hop … kinda … but not as bad as the most Mainstream Hip Hop:

Marteria: “Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf)”

Something more “Metal”.
I had a phase when i was listening to a lot of dirty played Rock N Roll ( like Motörhead and stuff ) and Stoner/Retro-inspired Bands.

Zeke “Dölphenwülf”

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Curve - Chinese Burn - Paul Van Dyk Forbidden Future Extended Vocal Mix

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New Order: “Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix)”


lol, funnily enough, that is right next to Chinese Burn on my track listing :slight_smile:

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Followed by:

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That band is very unique. Their origins are in germany but now they have an international setup and next to Ministry they are still the godfathers of Industrial-Rock. I used to meet the band personally at a festival in germany and they are all really nice guys! The song I am posting is from the american Bush jr.-era (and it has a “Redneck-Intro” ^^):


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Another Industrial-Rock/Breakbeat/Digital Hardcore-Classic. The Guitar Riffs were sampled out of “Green Machine” by Kyuss ( an awesome Desert Rock-band ) and some Speechies from the prodigy:

Bong Ra (not Bong-Cha ^^): “Suicide Speed Machine Girl”

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Getting heavier! So…



I can top this!
(btw. Real childhood-memory :wink: )

Gummiebears: “Gummiebears Theme”


Ok… we have reached Childhood memories/favourite Cartoon-Songs!
Eat this! ( If that Band would really exist i would spend a lot of bucks for a concert! ^^)

Galaxy Rangers: “No guts no glory” ( not to be confused with the “Bolt Thrower”-Song ^^)

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Still the best “Ghostbusters”-metal-cover to date. Prove me wrong :wink:

Leo Moracchioli: “Ghostbusters”


BTW the guys from “Ultimate Metal Covers” do a pretty good job when it comes to cover Mainstream-Pop-Songs so that lovers of hard music can like ´em too :wink:

UMC: “Scream and Shout” (ft. Britney Spears)

Man, Galaxy Rangers, that brings back memories :slight_smile:

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Well … for Nerds “Kung Fury” was a very good movie ( and i really liked it too! If you haven´t seen it, it´s free on steam and YT!). And there was a really good Theme-Song by David Hasselfoff ( we all know and love for different 80s stuff ^^) Here it is!

David Hasselhoff: “True survivor”


This has been stuck in my head (on and off) for a couple weeks now.


There’s my childhood right there. Great cover!

Also yes “Kung Fury” is perfect for what it is.