What are your thoughts on the Conan Exiles Alpha Trailer released in 2016

I was surfing the net and came upon the Alpha trailer for Conan Exiles, which was released back in 2016.
I watched it for the first time and I have to admit, there are some pretty cool things I’ve seen in there, that didn’t make it to the game.

  • the crossbow
  • drinking from the water pouch animation
  • the live snake on the altar of set
    Summoning a live snake on the set altar was such a cool thing to watch. Wish we had something similar in-game for each religion.
    The link: CONAN EXILES - Pre-Alpha Trailer - YouTube


I’d like to see that added in for immersion.

Ya that was awesome. I’m team Set always. Not exactly sure what it was meant for, but maybe to have an animation to show when an Avatar was summoned? Would be cool, albeit not really important, to have such a thing for all religions.


I would love to have a crossbow, I’m pretty sure they used to be in the game, and I know there are at least a few of the ghost flashbacks that show people using them in the game, at the circle of swords, and one at a lake in the north

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The crossbow was added in but then removed I think? Pretty sure there were craftable spike traps ala the Warmaker’s Dungeon at one stage too (that I would love to see make a comeback).

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Yeah, the game used to have crossbows, but they got taken out at some point in Early Access. I keep forgetting the exact reason why but I feel like it was for balance reasons and they never got around to figuring out how to make them work.

Fun fact, it’s super easy to make a mod that adds them back in (you pretty much just have to go through and check/uncheck some boxes), but they shoot so wonky now with the updates to how projectile weapons work that they’d pretty much just be good for wall decorations.

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Also this reminds me, the Black Keep was better when it had the spike traps YEAH I SAID AGAIN (because I know I’ve said it before).


restauring drinking animation would be cool.


There was a heavy and a light crossbow, they did more damage but took longer to reload. There was a reload animation that showed you pulling back the bow and putting in the dart. By the time you reloaded whatever you were shooting at was in your face trying to kill you.

I’m sure the crossbow will find its way back into the game one day. As for the animations, I would be extremely happy if there were more animations for all sorts of things. For example for eating, attaching mods to weapons and armor, opening chests, collecting loot and so on. Yes, I know, the PVPers would not like animations for eating.


Someone such as either Multigun or Barnes would be the best candidates to answer this question. However, if memory serves me correctly, it it was because on the one hand, people were cancelling the reload anumation by swiftly unequipping the re-equipping them, which made their fire rates very high. In addition to this, they had a lot of knockback. Combine those two things and I can see why they were overpowered. Nonetheless, I would LOVE to see Crossbows reworked and make a triumphant return.


I would absolutely love having animations for eating and drinking and other more mundane tasks as well

Yeah it’s a double 'nock problem. You could get around the nocking cheesily, and the knockback was incredible. Before climbing you could send people into orbit. Furthermore, crossbows were heavy-hitting laserbeams in the hands of NPCs.

Joel and Oscar both declared their clear decision: archery is meant as a sidearm. Any version of crossbow would be an excellent addition to the game, but it will require a big rework and a retraction of Joel’s position, as the crossbow will tip archery into “viable” weapon class.


Aye, but that was some time ago now, and I feel that it has now gradually evolved to be more viable as a standalone, or perhaps more accurately, primary combat style. At least in PvE anyway.

Not arguing the point here, but more repeating an idea we discussed together in a much older thread for the benefit or the reader. The solution may very well lie in having a reload animation play out as soon as the Crossbow first is equipped before it can be fired, ie-starting off in the ‘unloaded’ position like the Longbows already do. This would mean that players could no longer bypass the intended animation. Moreover, now that Funcom has worked hard to close off all of the animation cancelling loops, the Crossbows could make a fantastic addition if they are afforded the same thorough scrutiny.


We did have the crossbow in the start so yeah i want my crossbow back crossbow back crossbow back funcom give us are crossbow back please

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What caught my eye was a decent looking PvP base

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You’ll see it too, if you set your graphics ultra.

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As well is one huge fix they could do is separate range and melee strength. Yes it is tropish, but accuracy should tie into ranged dmg and str into melee. Thus would then at least start a path to range builds and make a person commit for best range effects or melee effects. All the while leaving room for skilled to try and run a mixed.

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I loved…and sometimes hated…the Black Keep when it had the traps. The biggest danger for me now is getting turned around and not finding my way out immediately.
It’d be awesome to have the spikes back.

p.s. Thank you for the throwback!


To be honest with you I thought they did, and I was firmly under the impression they did just that. The descriptions for the two respective Attributes literally read as follows:

Strength: “determines the damage that you do in melee.”

Accuracy: “determines the damage that you do with ranged weapons.”

Are you absolutely certain about this biggcane55? Because if this is the case then I am shocked by this revelation. And if you are right here, then I wholeheartedly agree with thoughts that Accuracy should do as it purports to do and governs ranged weapons. Otherwise, what does Accuracy actually govern and why on earth would anyone bother sinking points into it…?

My toughts

  1. where the hell is that sand tesselation thing in graphics ( like rdr2 on snow but in sands)
  2. where is the damn tree falling animation
  3. Where is naked womans on crosses ??? I want naked womans on crosses, i would make my castle full of womans on crosses
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