What do most people do after crafting a lot of the basic stuff?

Start crafting Dragon powder and jugs to raid ppl. Lol

Make backup for when u die and get looted so u can go get it back, make a smaller hidden base and stuff it with things u will need. Make bombs, raid, do dungeons, make non-basic stuff (like potions, warpaints, better armor) that requires better materials

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I get to level 8, craft stone pike and attack people to test their metal.

If I kill someone with loot I get stronger. Until someone defeats me. Then I try again.

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I don’t PVP, so I mostly concentrate on building and exploring. I build wildly impractical bases that fit my aesthetic preferences, because I don’t have to worry about some asshat blowing it up. I help newbies with advice or (occasionally) equipment or thralls, though I am not one of those that gives out full epic sets to lowbies, it ruins the game for them IMO.

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I don’t play PvP but PvE-Conflict.

Honestly @Rocko11 I never had your problem at your level, because my goal was to reach level 60 and getting best gears in the game.

Why ?

  • To be able to defeat strongest monsters for my own fun.

  • To find rarest item in the game and collecting them, for my own fun.

  • To be able to fight other players (you need skill too, obviously, but if you don’t have best equipement it’s a losing battle), because I enjoy a good duel.

  • To be able to build huge infrastructures for the benefit of all players:

For example bridges to reach Well of Skelos or the Tower of Bats, to place a maproom near each of the obelisks preventing someone to close them, huge arcs to prevent blocks and all that $h@#s.

Why we (me and my clan) did this last thing ?
Because being the ones they did it had, as I expected, 3 side effects.


Other players on the server was happy of this, they started do the same, all Alpha clans on our server now do the same and the server is a beautiful place where to play relaxed in a friendly environment where all other Alpha clans are our allies.

We made a lot of new friends being friendly, now most of the time I play just to chat with them, my english could be really bad even now but I was totally unable to write a sentence in english before starting to play CE.


We play on an official server, some new players think I’am an admin just because I care of their problems and the ones of the server (in game problems, obviously).

Well it’s really satisfying and makes us proud of what we have done.


Now my clan and our allies are actually in control of 100% of important paths and resource accesses of the map without having closed or blocked none of them in 10 months of play.

People thanks us for doing it !

Now the very way to play the game on our server was shaped by how we play.

“Survive. Build.* Dominate.” They said.

Playing alone and ruling with brutal force on the ashes of an empty land is not what I mean by Domination.

What’s YOUR definition of Domination ? :wink:

*EDIT: oh, and obviouly we’ve built a lot, just for the fun of it of course :rofl::rofl::rofl: When I’ll be able to show you, I’ll post something in the right section of the forum :stuck_out_tongue:


You could always try the good old rp way. :smiley:

Sounds pretty chill.
Just like in the meatworld, oil can be a dominant ingredient in the Exiled Lands. Once I get my tanning flow going (usually by lacerating caves full of imps), I strike out for waters farther north. Then I set up a fish base. What’s an interesting experiment for me is to see how I can enclose water in my buildings, so the fishy oily goodness can be all mine. If I’ve set up in a croc area, I can double up on my tanning game.

If a server’s too quiet, after that I start getting lonely. I’ll put down two little wheels. My only rule is the first npc I see after the wheels go down comes home with me. Once up and running with taskmasters, I start building a home/barracks for them. It all sorta flows beyond that, nicer clothes for my gang, dyes, then better weapons. You’ll see.

Since I play PvE, I don’t have to worry about getting raided, but I do enjoy the challenge of a good purge. So most nights I’m on during purge hours, working on my outposts, until word goes out that someone’s getting purged. Then I grab my golf-bag of weaponry, my favorite Fighter, and head out to help!

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This is where I’m at in single player right now. I built a cool and unnecessary base into a tall rock near the river, I have started making basic armor and have tried out all the different stone weapons I can make. I think my next step will be a combination of taking some thralls and starting to create a little village under my stronghold for my peons, and heading out with them and my husband on co-op to search for a good source of iron and other materials. I haven’t read much about this game on any wikis, I’m looking forward to finding things out myself.


I’m on PvE focused on building extravagant towers and stuff. That takes up pretty much most of my time. I also hunt for named thralls that I don’t have yet, especially armorers, blacksmiths and dancers. I try to get 1 of each. I’m also looking for a good looking T4 Taskmasters (and others I guess), but best looking ones aren’t named from what I can see. After I’m done with my mini city at Swagger Rock I plan on building in a place that I scoped out in Jungle biome.

Wait a second, so how do you start a new character on the same map? I’m not entirely happy with my attribute build and I was thinking of starting with a new character, but I’m too attached to the stuff I built.

If it is just attributes, then yellow potion. If it physical, then you have to recreate character from scratch. And that is no fun. You get kicked when you recreate and lose access to everything the old character owned, so you need a clan mate that can retain the ownership and let you back in. If your clan has a bunch of high end mats to cheese the leveling back to where you are now, then it does lessen the pain.

if all you want is a new attribute build, all you need is to drink a yellow lotus potion. It resets all your attributes and feats points for you to make a new build.

Gather 10 yellow lotus flowers, put them in a coldron and craft the potion. It’s that simple.

Be aware that the yellow lotus potion has a 2 min decay time only. So you have to sit next to the coldron and use it as soon as the crafting is completed.

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Make babies.

That’s actually a good idea. Leveling is easy especially if you have lots of mats sitting around, even after the nerf. You just need a buddy or second account.

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Mass dupe exploit God’s to retrieve my old vault contents…


I’m locked out, I lost my key! Blow that sht open!


Awesome, thanks for the info.

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