What Happened to my Guild?

I haven’t been playing for a while, but I’ve been logging in almost daily for the rewards. Earlier this week, I logged in on my main character and then noticed I was no longer in my Guild, ‘Nightwolves.’ I then logged in on an alt, and he was also guildless.

Does anyone know what happened? The game community is small enough that someone on the forums might have also been in Nightwolves and can fill me in on what transpired. It looks like everyone in the Guild might have been booted suddenly.

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guess everyone took a new world to the knee

Its been a while since i saw people from Nightwolves and that’s some months ago when i was active myself for a while at least. Can’t say i saw or heard anything. Its possible they just deleted and dropped Guild.
Check the Guild search pannel and type the name if you don’t see it anywhere then that’s what happened.

Honestly the only Active Guilds with dedicated Raid forces or some people who do PvP are not many. Most Guilds are even more Dead then last time i logged in. Black Horse Company tried but they wont manage to get anywhere or fill a Raid Force, Vilayet Sea Serpents have lost their Raid Leaders and too few are active (These 2 where supposed to be guilds recruiting for New Players and they still didn’t manage to get anywhere so that says alot about how many New Players are arriving or how many people stay in this Dead Game) and the only ones who managed are Spartans and Black Lotus Rogues.
You have Meathooks Minions and Order of the Silver Dragon also Dawnsong and Knights of Avalon but its just their older members and a few extra people and i can’t say there is much motivation to go on. Its just the older ones staying active still.
And the really Veteran guilds are not worth mentioning because they are of no use to New or Returning fresh Characters.

Game is dying its just that this year it became more obvious. 2019 were the last good times for AoC and they passed away. 150-300 population for an MMO was the thing for 2020-2021 in AoC and that’s not numbers for an MMO. Other have thousands and more recent ones Millions Literally. SWL is falling too from what i saw although its in a better state than AoC it dies. This year from what alot of Vets say will be the last which is so-so. You can already feel it.
Exiles i wouldn’t say is in a good state. Its just a few people in Private Servers. It had its days but they started fading a while back.

There is alot of things that left scars to funcom. Maybe they can save the situation but that will require huge investment to catch up with Pearl Abyss (BDO) ‘‘Not a chance’’ Amazon Games (New World) ‘‘That’s quite difficult’’ Zenimax/ Bethesda (Elder Scrolls Online) ‘‘Nobody can take the Lore Fans of the Elders Scrolls Series’’
I don’t think i should mention Guilds Wars and WoW because only stubborn addicts with these crappy titles are stuck with them still.

So they are going to have to find either a new title to work with or since they bought the Conan IP make full use of its potential and its going to take some Years. But then again most people today don’t have the same interest for the Conan Title and Novels so i wouldn’t expect anything Game-Changing.

Maybe Dune. I think Dune is the answer.


Thanks for your response. I thought about using the Guild search panel, but I’m not sure if it’s accurate. One of a number of features which were never completed after Age of Conan launched.

I joined Atlantean Embers. They are a small guild, but active.

Its one of the few Guilds that do activity during this Timezone true. Not what it used to be in the older days but still. That’s good.

I searched the Guild panel for “Nightwolves” and found a guild named “Night Wolves.” But I don’t think they are the same guild. Maybe Nightwolves has been deleted, which is a shame as we had a complete Guild city.

There is a feature in Age of Conan where if a guild leader goes absent or doesn’t log in for a long period of time, an officer in the guild can request to be granted ownership of that guild by a GM. If you haven’t logged on into the toon that leads the guild or owns the guild city in a while, you may have experienced a coup d’etat.


I was never a Guild Officer or anything close, so I didn’t have ownership of the Guild. If someone new took over the Guild, I wonder why everyone was booted?

Sometimes guilds clean out inactive users.

Ours never did. There were many inactive characters, some of which hadn’t logged in for years. I was active almost daily on the two characters which were booted.