Old guilds and vacant cities

I am sure there are many inactive guilds and cities that have had no one log in for years.

I know there is always a chance of a player or guild deciding to return after a long absence- but I will bet there are many abandoned cities out there.

Is there a chance of the cities being auctioned off? Guild names reset? After a reasonable time, 2 years, 4 years, or whatever.

Probably not, but my mind wanders

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Cities being “auctioned” or “destroyed” by the “Omnipresent Authority Figures” :thinking: (“Quoting” Who?)
will probably not happen, while these don’t take to much “server capacity”.

Guild name reset would be more likely, along the lines of the old merger rules and just adding an add-on like they did by adding the original server-name. (Still seeing folks with the [Set] or [Mitra] tag added to the guild name.)

What I personally would like better is name reset for characters not played for x years or y days.
Also along the old merger rules adding a random number to it.
For people who don’t want to use “silly” names or names that would have been “Hit by the Ban-Hamer” on the old RP-servers this would free up a lot of naming options. :nerd_face:

“Only” thing that FUNCOM would have to do is send all inactive accounts an e-mail.
(Or just send it to all accounts.)

This could also trigger some income from people who want to try and rename to a name that was taken in the past. :dollar: :euro::euro::pound: :wolf: :wink:

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This would require gms

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Could you please keep the thread positive?
No one needs this negative input you are always supplying in abundance :face_vomiting:

If you feel that FUNCOM-support is not up to standard please contact FUNCOM and refrain yourself from bad-mouthing them in threads aimed at improving the gaming possibilities for people.
Be it by creating easier access to guild-cities or freeing RP-appropriate names for the RP-community.
(It took me some months to find a friendly and respectfull server in 2008 and I still sometimes have deep longing for Hyrkania-server (EU RP-PVE) :drooling_face: :cry:)


You know, I was thinking about income and thought " how about a guild city starter package bought with FC points? "
Probably chalk it up to the not going to happen column :wink:

I’m afraid this is the most likely scenario … unless FUNCOM wants to prove your wrong :crazy_face: