What happened to sorcery added to the game

Making sorcery pay map only dlc breaks thier promised of adding as a major update. Major updates are suppose to be free. Sorcery and settlement system as pay dlc would be a lie about how dlc is cosmetics only. Added features as dlc is not a cosmetic. EA uses pay to win tactics as well as key features behind a pay wall. Major updates as dlc would be a key feature behind a pay wall.

I didn’t think dwarfs (dwarfs are my favorite race in dragon age) could get into hogwarts. I am an Archlich. So Hogwarts magic is super very weak to me. Hogwarts also was shocked and scared of my undead necromancery powers.

I’m sorry sorcery hasn’t made it into the game yet.

But it was never promised, maybe it’s a translation issue.
The developers said here are things we would like to include, people took that as a promise, but it was just a preview of possibilities.

The only “promise” was, “if these things are ever included they will be free.”
And even that is in question now with new ownership of the company looming.

People reacting to everything Funcom says as a “promise” is the reason they stopped talking to us.

Now People are saying Funcom doesn’t communicate. Can you blame them?, when every word is taken as a promise?

Horses got included after years of waiting, Sorcery might still be included as well, we just need to give it time and stop taking every word as a promise.

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say, and see it as the friendly opinion I wish to convey.
But because you choose to roleplay in the forums it’s difficult for older non-roleplayers to understand.

Good day, and I hope Funcom grants your wish, and Sorcery is included soon.

signed Droch-aon (evil one.) :slight_smile:


Do you need to be nude to be a witch? Sexy sorcerer? :smiley:

But it will probably come… Alex hinted it the same way like the new map. I hope he still has his job :smiley: :smiley:

You mean like a new map ? :wink:

Or is Sorcery to Conan Exiles what the Brexit is for the UE, a promise made that’s more and more unlikely to happen ? :grin:

Oh, hell! Did you have to do that? Now the Ministry of Magic will have to send someone to obliviate all the muggles who read that… Do you have any idea how much paperwork that requires?

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Uh, you might want to check the RL news…

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Ok. So don’t shoot me. Mr Skull is not wrong. Devs said many times that if sorcery made it in that it would be a free patch and implemented across the vanilla game. Firespark mentioned it as did other content creators.

What could happen is that vanilla spells could exist. That doesn’t prevent new spells being added through paid DLCs.

What is sorcery in the world of Conan literature?

I know games like Dungeons and Dragons or even Pathfinder often equate sorcery with spell casting, but in the larger fantasy genre, sorcery can also include necromancy and thaumaturgy (requiring a pact with a demon or other supernatural non-god being to ‘do the bidding’ of the sorcerer). What we may end up with is something more akin to a Warlock summoning the undead and evil spirits rather than elemental spells of fire or ice.

It all depends on what Funcom decides to do with “sorcery.”

Thematically it should be similar to summoning or curses. Most of the magic came in Conan’s books work like science. Orbs were a thing as was poisons that paralyzed etc.

But the Serpent Ring and a few other powerful sorcerers were able to change weather. Change something into something else (if even for a short time) and hallucinations and illusions.

Prophecy and fortune telling

Epimetrius was also a sorcerer and long lived. But he was being ingested by a dark flower bloom (similar to the ones on AoC. By the witches house) it was draining his magic.

Healing arts were also there. Even brining people back from the dead. As well as channeling demonic forces to gain physical strength but in turn also looking or inheriting demonic features.

Many of these things required sacrifice of some kind. Whether present or future depending on the pact you made.

But it would be ritualistic.

Even in the Sword of the Phoenix it was an orb that Conan feared. That orb was alchemy. Which would also be considered magical in nature.

Corruption would fuel the arts. Because they were taboo. But there were many corrupt Vhendyan sorcerers so were renowned for their magic.

It wouldn’t be DnD style magic. Even Toth Amon (I think) needed the serpent ring which suggests that an artifact of great power was something he needed to summon the horrors he did.

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I do not seek fireballs or other elemental attacks. I seek curses,necromancery (undead summoning),rituals,transformations and lichdom.

Maybe the new map will be beyond the reach of the bracelets sorcery nullifying reach… you’ll be throwing “HARDUKENS” in no time :rofl:

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I am against this type of magic due to it being close to fireball.

There never was any magic, it was just a man with mirrors and smoke
go about your lives, have a good day :slight_smile:

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That doesn’t work on the undead.

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