What I had to do to get the game running again after 2.5

I was a victim of a windows bad module info error and fatal errors after 2.5. After some extensive searching and pleading on forums there is no answer to the solution, but here is what I did and the game started working again. If you dont use mods, I suggest still following the uninstall and reinstall steps.

I know several people are still having problems after the 2.5 patch. This is what I had to do which I believe fixed the issue because I tried everything else.

First, you will need to unsub from all mods.

After doing this you will need to go into:

Steam > steamapps > common > workshop > content > 440900

In the 440900 folder you will need to delete every folder.


Completely uninstall Conan Exiles


Especially if you have an NVIDIA graphics card - completely uninstall your graphics card drivers and re install them.


After re installing graphics drivers, re install Conan Exiles

Next: Log into the server and let the server install the mods

I know in my case update 2.5 did not agree with the graphics drivers for NVIDIA until after I did all this. I know its a pain, but try it and see if it works. Since I did all that I havent had any issues.


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