What is an Abyssal Remnant?

Yes, I’m a n00b, but I have a burning question. There’s something that has been on my Journey for a while: It wants me to destroy the Abyssal Remnant. What is an Abyssal Remnant? How do I get one? Do I have to craft it? And once I have one, why would I want to destroy it???


The Abyssal Remnant is a giant serpent monster that you can find in the instance called The Dregs, which you may enter trough a hidden stair in Skulker’s End.

It has puzzles from the start, including how to enter. Pay attention to the ghosts at the entrance, they will show you what needs to be done. :wink:
To complete that Journey Step, you only need to kill it. Piece of advice, don’t fall in the green pool. :stuck_out_tongue:


A big green, venomous slug. You can harvest the meat from the slug and cook it in a campfire, and you can get some really good food from it, as weird as that may seem. Cooking the meat will give you ichor too.
I know there’s a lore reason for the Remnant but I forgot what it is. When entering the Dregs, bring one of the Darfari nearby up to the stairs and kill it on the platform.

Bring a bow with some arrows (10 could work) or a javelin (10 for them too) to shoot at the panels you see around the dungeon. You can always craft more of whatever you need, but javelins are easy to get.

And when you fight the Remnant, I always bring a shield and daggers. Guard up when the slug spits or strikes at you, and then when it burrows into the acid pool and leaps towards you, get the daggers out. Daggers will inflict bleed and it will do the bulk of the damage. You can get a 20 stack while you’re attacking him with the heavy attack.


To add on to @Trappist01x , the panels you shoot at will raise the water levels because you’ll need to swim through much of the dungeon.

The panels are circular and will look like buttons. There are some videos people have made that are great for tips. The wiki is a great place for tips but not up to date on newer stuff in the game.


I’ll admit never being able to get to it but only tried a few times. I usually get killed by the skeletons and don’t know if you can set a bed roll down or not. I don’t think you can take a thrall with you but you can take another player.

Good luck!

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Bear Grylls agrees with you.



Be sure to get close with your shield up. If you don’t, it’ll keep spitting at you from afar and never leap out.


Okay, thanks everybody! The funny things is that the Dregs was one of the first dungeons in the game that I went into. I killed all those albino crocodiles and got a crapton of glowing goop from the bottoms of those water pits. But I couldn’t figure out how to open that big door with the 5 ghosts standing in front of it. Yes, @Mavelle,I know the ghosts are giving me a clue how to open the door, but I suck as puzzles. Sorry :slight_smile: I assume the 5 ghosts mean I have to do something in each of the 5 water pits to make the door open? It was quite by luck that I got into the dungeon at all that I killed some of the NPCs right above the stairway that were chasing me, lol.

You can find sticks and rocks down there as well to make javelins if you get stuck without arrows.

Just approach the door and click X if your on Xbox one

If I remember correctly I think there’s a book laying on the floor in front of the door

Yep. And there’s also one just before entering the Remnant’s chamber. Both give you hints that help you solve the puzzles and prepare for what’s coming.

And don’t forget to bring some food with you, just in case, go back to the stairs and take cover from its acid spit if you are in a trouble.

Excuse me but 100 bone arrows is my min amount of arrows…yeah, I like to shoot a lot…and I can keep dealing damage while I take cover to regen health.

Okay! I’ll try again someday. My main base is up among all the rhinos next to Set City, so I don’t get down that way much anymore. But I’ll give it another go. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

You’re actually very close, then :slight_smile: It’s a relatively short jaunt south from where you are. An even shorter gallop :wink:

There’s also an obelisk right on top of Dregs. Plenty of options :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t know if you wanted a complete walkthrough or trying to find it for yourself that’s why I only gave hints. :wink:
But I can see that the guys here have got your back, eheh!! :+1: Hope you enjoy it, let us know how it went!!

I never said I wanted a complete walkthrough!

I just wanted to know what an Abyssal Remnant is.

Now I know – thank you, everyone :slight_smile:

Everything else was just chit-chat about the dungeon…

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Albino crocodiles… great stuff

Oh! What it is…it is a snake-like creature similar to a “tsuchinoko” but with dragon-ish head…but I see it as an extremely ugly worm :rofl:

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Go up to the plinth outside the Dregs entrance, but inside the anteroom. Magic Voice tells us how we might just need to be the plumbers of the ol’… erm vast waste system. This chimera is a Hyborian-Age roto-rooter on a giant scale. “Clogged up with Darfaris? Call 588-23-REMNANT!”