Boss fight item backup strategies

Hi guys, thank you all again for your help in my newbie thread.

I’ve been chugging along and finding lots of cool crap, but I still haven’t actually defeated the Abyssal Remnant. The reason is that the last couple of times I went into The Dregs, I’ve reached the end of the dungeon pretty easily but then died while fighting him.

I’m not necessarily looking for tips on fighting the remnant itself- I’ve looked some stuff up and I have some good strategies to try- but I am concerned about how to prepare for boss fights or similar challenges in general.

If I know I’m getting into a dangerous situation that I’m likely to fail at more than once, is there a useful way to prepare for that in terms of item retrieval, etc.? One thing I’m considering is building a small house right next to The Dregs, creating enough gear to get in there and survive against the remnant for a few minutes, and then running in, grabbing my corpse’s crap, and running back out again to put things in storage again if I fail. That would work I guess, but it seems pretty awkward. I’m wondering if you all had any other thoughts or strategies for situations like this.

If you die in the dregs while boss fighting you have to pass through all the dungeon to retrieve your corpse.

Even if most of enemies could be not yet respawned you’ll need a bow and few arrows to re-open the doors, and you could need also to repeat the sacrifice just to enter, so a truncheon, a rope of some kind, and a crappy weapon.

I’ll suggest you not to spend so many time and materials for this purpose, you can use just a bedroll and a wooden chest where to place this backup equipment.

That because the dregs are not a dungeon you’ll come back regularly to farm something: abysmal remnants gives you unique ingredients to harvest, it’s right, but the weapons you’ll be able to craft with them will become obsolete in few time if you’re leveling.

Viceversa, a place where you think you’ll come back to farm resources it’s always a place where to think to have a building.

At high level you’ll discover sometimes when you die it’s faster to respawn at your main base instead.

Because there you can decide exactly what you need to come back or if you’ll try the naked run to retrieve your stuffs, then teleport at the nearest obelisk to your target.

But it’s not always a viable option and in general in each macroarea if you don’t have maprooms yet or you haven’t discovered the obelisk of that area it’s always a good idea to have an outpost.

Almost each area near an obelisk, with the exception of Temple of Frost, have one or more faction capitals, so I’m used to have an outpost with little emergency gear, a maproom, few benches to repair my gear and a wheel of pain near each obelisk.

By the way the Abysmal Remnant could be easily defeated if you use sword + shield (you can block acid spits) or a bow and a tons of arrows (there are points on the stairs from where you’re able to shot him but he can’t shot you).

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Okay so with all that in mind, I think perhaps my strategy for The Dregs specifically should be something like this:

Make a bunch of copies of some crappy weapon that’s just good enough to kill one guy, a bunch of simple bows, and a bunch of arrows. Leave all those in a box near The Dregs (unfortunately it can’t be too near because somebody has a huge fortress right next to it on my server) and if I die, I can kill the one dude outside then run through the dungeon really fast to get my stuff back.

I read several things saying that I could block the acid spit with my shield, but it didn’t seem to work when I tried it last time. Anyhow I’m making my next attempt tomorrow so I guess we’ll see.

On a related note: Is it generally helpful to bring thralls to fights like this, or are they useless with bosses? Last time I had some low-level fighter thrall follow me through the dungeon and I believe he hit the remnant but I’m not sure if he actually did any damage. I was considering grabbing just a ton of thralls and bringing them all with me and hanging back while they do the work.

strategy to recover your body is fine,

what is important when fight it is to have a lot of healing, the easier is to kill him with bow using the stair (as indicated there is possibily to hit him and take cover quickly) when your health to middle just go down stair and heal yourself before going back to fight. so you have to focus on your health bar. and you need good healing (aloes potion, mitra). your stat will be important too. if you are going with 5 in health it’s a bad idea :slight_smile:

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If you go too close to the boss it has an area attack you could not block, you should just take a certain distance than make some fast move on to aggro it doing it’s move (when it go down the acid pool than jump over it), when it go under the acid continue running around the pit because it’s not good if it hits you with the jump, than for the moments the boss is out of the pit attack it.

For the thrall question: in general is a very good idea to have a thrall with you for boss fights, presuming your thrall is well equipped and has a lot of hp to act as a tank.
That means giving them best heavy armor you can have (thralls do not dodge, so they take no advantages from medium or light armors).

Only in this particular case is not.

Because the boss could not be reached by your thrall I think, not without your thrall going into the acid pit.

Thralls also do not use proficiently the shield, so cannot act as a tank.

Honestly I never tried, but maybe an archer could be a viable choice at least for the final boss fight, if you don’t think to be ready to kill the boss all by your own.

Few times I killed him in solo I used the strategy I told you, but when I killed it the first time I was with my mate and I acted as a tank, shotting him with just few arrows, than passing all the battle in blocking position while my mate killed him with arrows, you could try to do the same using an archer thrall.

Strategy I use to kill the remnant is a shield to block the attack’s then go ham with a 2H or an axe no thrall needed just cowardice. Depending on the material I used steel stuff but perfectly doable with iron it’ll take no more than 3 or four passes. Don’t be afraid to run behind the stairs to heal between rounds and don’t for get to dodge away from the acid!!!

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i still go there when i need some abysmall meat (yes i find it great) Any shield will hold his attacks (my 1st round was with a heater one). just kill the 2 skellies at the base of staircase , and then hold block and walk at the edge of the pool (not in XD) . at some point it will get bored attacking u (do not let block for ANY reason) and will dive. start kinda running around the pool, and when it gets out of it , use axe or 2h to lay attacks (2 full combos should be ok in time it stays out) . rinse and repeat. i use cleaver or pick on it ussually.

I was planning to finish this tonight but failed due to… Let’s call it gross incompetence on my part. I did, however, manage to recover my body twice in a row, so I didn’t lose anything, which was nice. I can easily finish this on my next attempt after I go stock up on aloe potions again, however I still have an outstanding and more general question about strategies with larger dungeons.

The Dregs are obviously very short, and can be run through without taking a single hit in like 2 minutes. So I’d try one run, die, then grab stuff out of a box and run back through, pick up my stuff, then run out again to put the stuff back into the box in case I died again. I assume that other dungeons are a lot longer/bigger and this one’s just like this because it’s the first. In other dungeons, it seems that failure more than once in a row would be catastrophic- fighting your way all the way through and then back every time seems… Not great. It occurred to me that if I had a clan to raid with and maybe the last man standing had a bearer thrall who could grab everybody’s stuff, that would solve things, but presently I do not have a clan. Is this run in, grab stuff, run back out strategy in fact what people are generally doing in later dungeons? Or is there something else?

Use a thrall/pet to aggro/dmg NPCs. And then you can also attack, without getting to much dmg (so that you dont die).
Learn to look at your environment and how you position yourself. Never let the enemies block you (in a corner, etc) because then you can die fast. Dont run out of stamina, when there are >3 enemies near you.

And when the enemies are not too fast, even think about running away/back, when you have low health.

Dungeons are hard and many dungeons should not be played when you are not Lvl 60 with good gear.

What level are you ? The Dregs is doable after level 25 becoming easy after level 30, mostly because you can use steel weapon then.
The 1st time I did it I watched a video about it before. It helped a lot. I suggest you use the bow strategy against the boss. Craft the best bow and the most lethal arrows you can craft at your level. I needed around 150 iron arrows last time I did the Dregs, at level 25 using a normal bossonian bow with an encumbrance spec.
Bringing a thrall help mostly against the skeletons. Otherwise, even equipped with a bow, it’s pretty useless.

As an items backup strategy I’d say you leave a box and maybe a bedroll just outside any dungeon you want to explore. Mark that spot as the ‘home’ spot for your bearer thrall companion by letting them guard that spot, then take them again to follow you.
In the box, leave a full set of cheap - cheaper than your actual - gear, weapons and a torch, so you can go back for a corpse run.
As soon as you find your corpse, the thrall should be close to it. Try to loot all, give it to your thrall (you’ll lose all food), then take your thrall away from boss and make her/him to stop following you. The thrall will return home (last spot she/he was guarding) with all your gear.
First time I went to visit the Abyssal Remnant it killed me with only a couple of blows and my white tiger (only one I’ve got) returned home safely after a couple of hours (or less).
Hope it helps, good hunting!



THIS is the answer I was looking for. I didn’t realize I could send thralls “home” that way, I haven’t done that yet.

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u cannot send em home. if u die and they remain in scouting position (when u press stop following and not place em manually somewhere) they usually return home after 15 mins (but do take a bet on that)…

Hmm, so Wonka’s strategy won’t work, or at least not reliably?

It does work.
Have you seen companions “returning home”? They will return to their last “guard here” spot after you make them stop following you or your character gets killed.
Give it a try :+1:t3:

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A thrall set to follow you automatically changes to scouting when you die. If you don’t come back near he / she before 15 minutes (or more ) to change his / her status, the thrall will teleport to the last place where he/ she was put in guard. The thrall always teleport but how much time it’ll take before is unpredictable. It could be 15 minutes or it could be more.
Another thing, if you’re killed in a fight with a thrall fighting at your side, the thrall will continue to fight until he / she kills or is killed or teleport back. I was killed fighting the king rhino near Serpermeru with the Captain with me. When I came back after respawning in my base, north of Sepermeru so not far, he was still fighting but with a very low health bar. I saw him fall down and I finished the king rhino then tried to retrieve my thrall body. There was nothing to be found. I came back home no captain.
So I captured another one and put her on the wheel. And then I saw my Captain in my base waiting. The only explanation I see is the thrall teleported after my death and it took as much time for him to respawn at his last guard position.

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