What Is Cimmeria

I’ve been working on a story for this game for a week or so, and decided my character’s race would be Cimmerian. But what do you guys know about Cimmerians? Their speciality? Behavior? Etc.

Have u ever watched Conan The Barbarian from 1982 with Arnold Shwarzenegger ? I suppose you don’t, I suggest you to do so, there you can understand more about Conan’s life as he being a Cimmerian, with the addition of being a good movie, awesome soundtrack, Im sure you will get a reference to your story :wink:


The last Conan movie with Jason Momoa on the role, it has a good spot on Cimmeria aswell, but only the start is good when Conan is just a kid, the rest of the movie is trash.


I’ll look into it. But my character is just coming into the Exiled Lands, and the story is going to focus on her growth there. How would she act at the start of it all?

I see, if you’re making her a Cimmerian, you can get the reference with the Cinmerians (mainly Conan of course) from the movies, so you will have an idea of her backstory til the day she got taken to the exiled lands.

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If you like to read also, there is the Conan’s HQs, which could help you too.

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And here’s the link for my story so far! Valyrie, the Exiled Fanfic


Good one, il take a look :slight_smile:

Cimmerians originated around 1100 BC in the area that became Thrace, yes, the area where Spartacus came from many century later. Cimmerians were pushed up to the area now known as Ukraine by the Skythian Empire. Apparently over time they just melted into Europe, Celts, Germanic.

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Where is the Conan HQ?





These are some that I remember, its all online, not all has pics, only text. If I were you, I would look in nearby book stores in your city, as Conan is still kinda popular, its not that hard to find one or two around.

If you look on the internet you will find plenty of that too, good luck :slight_smile:

I read this, and this is pretty good! http://freeread.com.au/@rglibrary/RobertEHoward/REH-Conan/GodsOfTheNorth.html

Of course, my style of writing is different, but I like it.

This is the map that was provided with the books I read growing up and is the one I associate with Conan. Showing where Cimmeria is in relation to the rest of the world.


Where would this be in the real world?

According to some information (Conan RPG by Modiphius), the template Robert E. Howard used for the Cimmerians are the realworld Irish.

You may want to buy “The Hyborean Age” by Robert E. Howard. It is the history he wrote up to base his other works on.

Someone has been authoring RP guides on the various races on the Steam hub for this game. You might find the one on Cimmerians interesting:

An Iranian speaking steppe people of the dark age after the bronze age collapse. They invaded north iraq from ukraine.

Sorryd Caco but the movies are HORRIBLE examples of what the Cimmerians were like.