Hey FC the next time you decide to do an expansion

Let’s PLEASE forget about the inferior authors that profited on Howard’s work. Let’s NOT go to modern comic books full of things that would no doubt have Howard turning over in his grave. Instead will you PLEASE pay a little respect to the ORIGINAL CREATOR of the Conan-verse that has allowed you to make a tidy pile of money over the years?

To that end, when you start casting about for ideas for your NEXT expansion please consider CIMMERIA! Home of Conan himself. It really isn’t necessary for you to cling to the idea that you have to create unique original lands that are outside of Howard’s canon. If someone wants to play a Stygian let THEM decide how and why they are now exploring Cimmeria. Same thing if you eventually do a Stygia expansion. You did this really well in Age of Conan. So why have you utterly abandoned Howard’s magnificent world with all its rich lore?

In fact, if you want to be a little bolder and inclusive…give us Cimmeria, Asgard and Vanaheim! Cimmerians, Vanir and Aesir, oh my! That would be an INCREADIBLE world to play in with its long standing conflicts!

Isle of Siptah was an interesting experiment. And I hope you learned a lot from it. But now, it’s high past time to get back to HOWARD. PLease do so with your next expansion. Thank you.


There was plenty of non Howard Conan lore before that expansion.

Alas, you are right. Part of why I made this post in the first place. I want to play in Howard’s world, not all this weird made up nonsense they’ve been going with since the beginning. sigh


Oh sorry about this, I thought you meant they started applying non Howard lore since the last expansion. Did not pay attention, I suck. XD

Although I am now wondering, where does Yamatai come from? No doubt the comic books, of which I have plenty but I cannot pinpoint it, and it sure did not come from Howard?

It comes from Funcom wanting to make money vs staying with pure lore. The Asian base is pretty big, and they basically thought this would be a placebo.
I have no issues with Yamatai, and get that they need to diversify, but it has nothing to do with Howards books.


Seems to me that most video games always need the obligatory samurai/ninja type level element/what have you. XD

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Honestly I think they did it quite tactfully and well. But yes, the “ninja” samurai thing seems to be a must for most games due to the fact that a whole culture would not be happy being excluded.


Yes, I love the way the player shakes the blood from off the katana. So classic.

Since the Japanese pretty much revolutionized video games and put them on the map, we do owe it them. :smiley:

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Well to date me I read my father’s Howard’s books in early mid 70,s never read a comic and my wife and I were dating when the first movie hit wish I had his old books the Tolkien series yes I read them and enjoyed I think is all we have. Cimmaran lands would be a good addition however I think this is walking to a end hopefully I am wrong. Grog for every one.


I am not sure they did all of that, but as a warrior culture based on Bushido, I find them fascinating. I have been to Japan, but due to their cultural taboos I was not able to see the real Japan.
Gaijin are not welcomed at a lot of Japanese establishments.


Really? I lived there for 3 years in my 20s, taught advanced conversational English at a small private school and saw individual students in my home for a corporation out of Tokyo. Yes I could tell some of the older Japanese avoided me but frankly I was, overall, treated like a rock star. Down to strangers wanting to take my picture and have their children have their picture taken with me. I had to carry an extra bag with me when I went out during the day because vendors in the market I walked through on my way to the train station insisted on giving me small food gifts. At department stores they gift wrapped my purchases beautifully even when I told them they were NOT gifts! LOL It was kind of weird and overwhelming but the Japanese, as a whole, were incredibly kind and wonderful to me. Even if I was a gaijin! LOL

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I think the problem with this game having Cimmerian based cultural additions comes from the fact that…there is not really all that much there to see. XD
Even Howard never made Conan venture there in his stories, there is only one poem about it that he wrote, at least that I am aware of.
Even in the comics it is not featured that much. For what we do see, it is mountainous and wooded, sparsely populated and what people that do live there, do so in a very rudimentary way. Of course…that is sort of the essence of this game, plus they did include the Picts which are similar in culture to Cimmeria, aaaand they made up Yamatai so why not add Cimmeria too, indeed.


Well if they were smart they’d do Cimmeria, Vanaheim and Asgard AND the Pictish Wilderness! There there would be a LOT to do! Alllll the raids! LOL

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Society changes overtime.
When I was there, we were forbidden to enter certain areas and establishments as they were off limits to Gaijin. This was in the southern provinces around Sasebo on the island of Kyūshū. Since my father was part of the military establishment there, we were under strict guidelines not to offend the local population.
I found them aloof and a bit racist even though I had friends that were Japanese nationals and we seemed to be very friendly.
Overall, they acted like we did not exist and ignored us for the most part. In open society, when you addressed them directly, they were very polite and friendly.
It sounds like your era in Japan was closer to the 60s than today. Much has changed.

Utsukushī hana wa yoi mi o tsukemasen.

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I going to look for some old Howard’s books have not read a book i1t plus years used to read 1 or 2 a week video games and cable .

Cause of ways believe it or not many Japanese people want to live in old traditions on top of they wish technology would stay away for a more peaceful interaction with a more quiet life. But from WWII many families lived or around the time in the 90s plus the violence and deaths both soldiers and civilians was a bad scar along with the atomic attack and their government lies about the enemy they face that would execute every one of them. Yeah it still will find not happy with outside world in the older ones. But one has to remember that the main battle fields were Europe and Asia and U.S. only had 1 bombarded at pearl so the chances are you will likely find those who are still angry or can’t move on among Japan than us.

In terms of dlc. Now I don’t remember every exact word but it was in a dev stream long ago ( we want to add in dlc pack that represents people not currently in game very well as nordihmer and vansir and cimmira: ok I don’t remember how to sell those: have much more content than others thus currently we want to add in other races that are not or nearly existing in the game like stiya which is the time frame Conan is currently in/ technical speaking they add styga in dlc siptah so they are in here a lot better now so I’m sure they got them out of the way I think/ thus we can make the game more loreful. Also due note this was a long time ago and things have definitely changed but they said dlc was already set in stone on what would be added I hope this helps some what but for exactly what the said you need to find the dev stream long ago and I mean years +

I don’t know, I’d assume that like everyone else they are all individuals, and the treatment one person receives is never going to be exactly the same for another

I grew up in a mixed race family, in a town that was otherwise fully composed of a single ethnicity.

Most people were decent and treated my family just like everyone else, but some were not

Even though it was only a handful of racists it was a daily thing to have to deal with. It’s easy to start to lump everyone in one category, but it will very rarely give you a clear picture of the situation

I do wish there was some way to know if the devs even read things like this. As with most games there’s just little to no engagement with the players on official forums which is disheartening. Like, I’d love for them to share some insight on how they make the decisions on what new content to develop, especially when it’s something BIG like IoS was. But even knowing how they settle on which cultural DLCs to do next and IF they are going to do any more of them would be really nice.

Maybe the word racist was a bit offkey, but the Japanese are very much a Borg collective, they have very strong ties to tradition and think very much alike as a society. The "melting pot " in Japan is very small.

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