What is going on? building issue

I just made this huge platform - two foundations on top of each other - 30 x 45 arena. Tried to place a greater wheel and it says overlapping? WITH WHAT?

Or it says not enough contact with the ground? Uh, a big huge platform says I have plenty of contact space

Glitch? Bug?


They can be odd to place. Do you have walls up or just a flat deck?


Spin it.


I normally stack 3 or foundations in a corner climb up place and take them down also with map rooms not always necessary but simpler.

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I always find myself without the amount needed to build the foundations so I build walls and balance myself to place. I always wonder what observers think when i do stuff like that.

This can happen sometimes depending on your ampleness on the ground is this configuration
Have you tried to mount your wheel down or simply turn it via the options of vertical displacement, inclination and rotation?
otherwise there is as on the Ymir altar a shift that can occur preventing you from centering your object correctly


I knew it! TY for confirming that. I was always going WTF?! trying to place those.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :+1: :sweat_smile:

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Yes agree with GullTopp, try raising or lowering the Wheel when placing it (rather than just rotating it around)

I find people sometimes forget they can even do that.

They can be fiddly to place.

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Yup! The building system in CE is rather messed up in regards to placement. And sometime even the placement of other building pieces:

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