What is it that makes me one shot?

Good evening,

Can someone explain to me what got me one shot ?
This player jumps in a loop, does not hit, and suddenly when he touches us with his body it kills us in one shot
1 minute later he killed my friend the same way, he just runs away, and at the last moment when he sees he’s in trouble he touches us and we die

Attribut ? Spell ? Cheat ?

I’m not sure, but it looks like he might have goomba-stomped you.


Tower of the elephant! He dropped on your head, it’s Instakill! You have to be careful with this one. You can even kill you teammate this way.


Yup, even so much as a touch under them and you’re dead.


Goomba Stomp used to kill admins in God mode too. That’s how powerful it is/was.


Ah ok thank you ! x)

A solution against that ?

Look up.

They have to drop on you from some height to do this, or have an absurd amount carried. Avoid places where someone could bounce on your head from out of sight.

The Redwoods in Siptah are literally this one’s favourite stomping grounds, but the cliffs aren’t bad either.

Rolling often works, but primarily, it’s about situational awareness and reaction to enemy movement and positioning.

Also, insert meme about Obi Wan having the high ground.


I can’t do anything, I have no stamina points, and I have 50% corruption, I’ll grab it off the back of my horse

And people find it good to be able to one shot so easily ? I’m asking for a nerf :stuck_out_tongue:

This and remember over encumbered means very slow stamina regain. Have him run lots of use concussive damage to wear this down more. Voidforge mace would be the ideal weapon


Ah didn’t see this…
Sorcerer method? Darkness?

Thank you for your comments, however I have a bad English ^^
For the sorcerer method, darkness I do not understand :confused:

Are you talking about the spell that makes the darkness around the sorcerer? (darkened), what does it do ?

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Yep that’s it. Creates darkness so it’s hard to see to jump on you plus creates spiderwebs on the ground that slows him down. Just be careful since casting means you are stationary for the time it takes to cast and therefore vulnerable.

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The Sorcery spell of Darkness helps.
Also, Call of the Dead creates a thick fog that may help. It also creates some zombies.

This one isn’t certain of the exact height/weight calculation for stomp damage…does anyone have it handy?

I don’t know if it works still, but playing in the past full encumbrance build nobody could kill you this way! If someone landed on your head all you were getting was the message “you are over encumbered”. Try it with your team mate load all the last line and do the test. Try to do it as clan mates but as opponents either (go out of clan for 1 minute). Good luck :+1:t6:

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