What is the counter to bleeding?

I am sorry, but I cannot get this to work. I been testing away, and even when I kill all the dancers, even if all enemies are dead, and i put my weapons away, standing still… I am still in combat… bleeding away. I only get out of combat when bleeding naturally stops.

What do you mean by in combat? Can you show a video or screenshot?
I can log in and take a short video of me using a bandage while being stabbed to show you how it’s ‘supposed’ to work.

Okay, it’s uploaded.

You can see me use bandages twice in this video. The first time, I use a bandage and start healing but getting hit makes my character move, which interrupts the healing. This shows that you’re supposed to be able to use a bandage even when ‘in combat’ and being attacked.

Then I get 20 stacks of bleed and quickly kill the dancers and pop a bandage. You can see the bleed wear off before it even ticks down halfway. Bleed lasts 20 seconds but was cured 5 seconds after using a bandage.
(You can see the healing effect and bleed fade away at exactly the same time, showing it was cured.)

To use a bandage, all I had to do was put my weapons away, even if enemies were still attacking me.
So if you can’t do this, that’s definitely a bug that needs to be addressed.

But still, the best solutions are to use antidotes for instant removal of bleed or to simply dodge and not get hit.

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Thank you… I understand it now. The message “cannot be used while in combat” comes up when trying to use the bandage while moving or having weapon drawn.

That’s where my confusion was. As for me being in combat shouldn’t rely on the fact that I am simply moving or having weapon in hand. It should be a state that I am actively engaging something, or something is engaging me.

I was able to use the bandage to stop the bleeding, but I need to stop moving and hide my weapon and wait 5 seconds.

Ah, gotcha. If you’re having to wait 5 seconds, it might be due to some server lag or something.
Anyway, I’m glad you’re able to get it to work now.

And yeah that error message is a bit misleading and should be changed.

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I agree. I think the ideal solution would be that when using bandages the bandages work in the following happens:

  1. Player is forced to stop and hide their weapons.
  2. Animation of your player bandaging up is played.
  3. if bandaging has to be abandoned (because NPC is about to swing at you) using dodge breaks the action of bandaging up.

This way, through visual cues, the player is fully aware that when they use bandages, their avatar has to be standing still and apply bandages in realistic way. Having an animation for that helps a lot.

And yes, I think bandages should just work, even if they root the player in place. or, you can still move while bandaging up, but at the same speed as if you are out of stamina. As a player I should not go through a checklist of actions and prerequisites in order to use the bandage.

Sounds reasonable to me!
More animations would be nice.

Dude, ExNihiloish is one of the better people. Like me he tests things regularly. This is why multiple people should be testing and why the community is having issues because not enough people are providing constructive feed back to funcom and in stead spamming info that obfuscates info to devs.

Which is why I stopped submitting bug reports as there is no way to know it is even going to get seen anymore. It is also the reason I stopped playing and uninstalled this morning because I don’t see a point. You want people like ExNihiloish to be posting and providing info.

Bugs are impacting people differently. The issue we have right now and the other reason I haven’t posted a bug report, is because I have no idea why it is being cause. What was the event that caused a change to my game but not his. This has been an issue for a long time and it is a issue at a fundamental level with the game. Bugs that require lots of work to find and won’t be going away anytime soon because there is no way to reliably reproduce it.


I also stopped playing due to the sheer number and scale of the bugs. I may try again after the large bugfix patch they’re working on (and a subsequent patch since you know they’re going to break a lot of stuff.)

That’s true. People just need to provide as much detail as they can when submitting bug reports, including screenshots or videos which would go a long way (and would have helped wrap up this thread much sooner). Which build they’re on (live or testlive), platform, settings, game mode, etc. The devs ‘should’ be able to discern the link to the bug even if we cannot. Any info we provide is just to help point them in the right direction, but it’s up to them to figure out the technical details.


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