What is the counter to bleeding?

I have been doing well so far in my singleplayer game, that is until I tried to capture a dancer and was defeated by the most powerful enemy… bleeding.

At the moment I am at the lost as to how to counter this effect at all.

Eating does not counter it, because bleeding counts as damage, and damage interrupts healing from food.

I read in the wiki that bandages suppose to stop the bleeding, but how? They do not work in combat, and need to be applied out of combat, but because bleeding keeps you in combat even after the enemy is dead you cannot use them to stop the bleeding.

Thus the question? How to counter the bleeding?

Bandages stop bleeding. However I recommend using archery and blunt arrows for knocking out Entertainers

I tried using bandages, but even after dispatching my foe, I was still in combat due to bleeding. I couldn’t use bandages at all, as bleeding kept extending my in-combat. And bandages requires me to be out of combat.

I had the same issue yesterday. Basically Blunted arrows are the only option until Funcom fixes all the things they broke in the last patch.

Basically… Big patch… breaks almost as much as it fixes and then small patch fixes about 50% of those. Then a Big patch happens and starts the whole process over.

have you tried a cure all potion? I havent yet just a suggestion

Yes, I am playing this after the big patch… If I understood you correctly, before the patch, bleeding would not extend in-combat timer, and I should be able use bandages while bleeding and all enemies around me dead?

Try an Aloe potion.

Set Antidotes and Violet Cureall potions instantly remove all bleed stacks.
Bandages will heal through bleed and cure it after 5 seconds when the healing finishes.

Alternatively, you can just stop getting hit and avoid it altogether.

In that video I’m basically just flailing around like a drunken fool and they can’t land a hit. You can do this much more smoothly. You can knock out just about any thrall without being struck, just learn their attack patterns and adjust yours accordingly. Conan Exiles has the simplest AI imaginable, it’s easy to learn and predict their movements and attacks.

That’s not exactly how this works. All you have to do is put your weapon away to use bandages.
You can do it even during combat, but it’s best to get away from the enemy for a few seconds so you’re not getting hit while bandaging. Bandages are canceled by movement but not from taking damage.

As far as I can tell there is no such thing as an “in-combat timer”. You either have your weapon out or you don’t, this is what affects the use of bandages.

No, don’t try Aloe Potions. All food and potion healing is canceled by taking damage, so they’re useless while bleeding (at most you’ll get 1 tic of healing if timed well). You need bandages or antidotes.
(I assume antidotes are not meant to cure bleed and expect this to be patched in the future.)

Also, bleed is affected by damage reduction. Heavy armor renders bleed effects pretty harmless (that is, unless you prolong the fights and ‘keep’ getting bleed applied).


As Ex stated, when you’re trying to knock out dancer thralls, use heavy armor. Heavy armor negates the effects of bleed pretty well. If you’re noticing that you’re getting a lot of stacks and your health is dropping like a stone, back out of the fight. Get to safe ground. Put away your weapon. Stand still, apply a bandage and don’t move.

Then go back to it. Rinse repeat the above if necessary.

The video Ex provided is a good one if you’ve gotten yourself into a group of 2 or more dancer thralls as well.

I can confirm that in my case anyway Healing Wraps did not stop the bleed. Weapons away, standing still. I had 16 stacks on me in no time because dancer spam the daggers. I had to run away. stop hit the bandage. My only recourse was basiclly to spam aloe and mitra drinks as food to stay alive until it was over. I was in heavy Armor. If I were anything else I would have been done. I still was at 10 life when the bleed ended.

it seems to be bugged…

Daggers are way OP as it is.

Yours might be bugged then. I tested bandages myself to respond to another thread on bleeding.
I got like 16 or 18 stacks of bleed on me from the dancers at The Den, stepped off the side of the small cliff and used a bandage. After 5 seconds the bleeding was gone. Bleed normally lasts for 20 seconds.

But you can also use antidotes to cure it instantly. Or dodge.

Found the post where I had tested bandages.

If bandages don’t work for you, I recommend recording a video of them not working and using that to create a bug report.

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And I have tested it and it didn’t. Which means that it can be bugged for some. You me. I generally test fairly extensively. I have no way to know what differs from your game or mine.

There are a lot of bugs in the game right now that don’t impact everyone the same way.

As for a video, that bug was the last straw for me. After confirming I uninstalled. after 500 hours 400 hours of which was buggy in ways that impacted game play, I decided I’d go finish some of my other games. I only came back to the forum out of habit really

Yes, absolutely. Which is why a bug report should be filed. I have yet to see any bug reports showing that bandages don’t work as intended.

I actually stopped playing a few weeks ago myself. I still hop on here to help people out though.

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it’s because I have lost faith that new threads are worth anything for that and the patch threads are totally useless because of the spam.

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So have you played since the patch? If not your information is not good. After I told Kaziklu to use bandages, I went and tried it myself and guess what? It does not work.

I wear light armor, so dodge is the mainstay of my damage avoidance, but even then I get hit, and with daggers that bleed stacks fast, usually to fast to counter.

So at this point the only surefire way to remove a bleed is with a antidote. Not good.

Also, @Kaziklu sorry for the bad info.

I just tested it again, 30 seconds ago. Bandages are still removing all bleed stacks after 5 seconds, so yes my information is good. I tested both Healing Wraps and Numbing Wraps.

And like I said before, if they’re not working for someone, they need to upload a video into a bug report. I still have yet to see anyone do this, but perhaps I just missed it.

I stopped playing weeks ago but I still log in to test things before posting. I do not like misinformation being spread and will not take part in such things.

‘Likes’ may not count for much but I think it should indicate that I typically give good information, having more than triple the number of the next guy over the last month, which is a Community Manager.



Glad you are such an upstanding member of the community. You will excuse me if I don’t just automatically trust everyone on the internet.

I am in game right now, and it is NOT working for me so you can take your little butt hurt attitude and go for a walk. YOU said you had not played in weeks, going off that information, which YOU supplied, and the fact that it is not working for two the of the people in this conversation, I thought your information may have been out of date.

Your amount of likes has zero relevance to this conversation, everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has lazy moments where they just say something, get over yourself and realize you are just human.

It should be patently obvious by now that not everyone suffers all of the same bugs. They don’t work for you, which sucks, but that doesn’t make me a liar. I made it clear that I understood you and the OP could be suffering from a bug that I was not, which is why I suggested making a bug report.

I never said I was infallible, I said I do typically give good information. Typically does not mean ‘always’.
I have been wrong before and I admit it when I am. I do not understand why you’re trying to project a god complex onto me.

There was no ‘attitude’ in my last post. I was merely pointing out that my information should not be dismissed out of hand.

Well guess what? That is exactly what happens when you come across like that. Your back handed attempts at offering insult only serve to further the"God complex" you brought upon yourself. So, you are at this point, dismissed.

Please point out anything I said that could be construed as an insult.

Anyway, this entire exchange has been pointless. Nothing was gained.

What I said still stands. Bandages are working for me, if they’re not working for others then they need to file a bug report. I’ve seen several reports that indicate various issues with the new patch but none of them mentioned bandages. Someone who’s having this issue needs to report it.

After reading the thread again, I actually don’t see the OP stating anywhere that bandages didn’t cure bleed; just that he wasn’t able to use them due to being in combat.