What is the difference between the chalk circle and the circle of power?

Because they look exactly the same to me with the same functions. Anyone?


Apparently there is not any difference. Seems a bit odd to add it to the BP rewards, as a duplicate of an existing station. Is FC running out of things to create for BP?

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Wait what, seriously?!

I haven’t looked at it in game yet, but the icons do look different from what I can tell, so I think they’re supposed to be functionally identical, but visually slightly different. If they’re not, it might be a bug. Maybe lay one of each down and compare the two side by side.


I have not unlocked the Chalk Circle item, so unfortunately i cannot perform this test. I’d love to see the screenshots of someone who is able to though

well… maybe its purely decorative? like some chessboard or smth

That is exactly what they are, functionally identical, but with a little different look. I honestly do not see the point of them. “Ooooh! look a chalk circle” ok

so, just another filler reskin for bp? like torches, floor paints (you can easy merge them inside 1 lvl), golden reaver helmet? black lion? + lowkey rewards potions…
ok 20 lvls of BP are wasted again… just imagine how many cewl things we would get instead :sneezing_face:

Hello! I know it’s offtopic but can you test spawn Black Lion and Elite Black Lion pets in your SP game?
I’m just asking but for me those two look like this:

If it’s the same for you then Funcom did a big oopside not only with chalk circle of power,

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Wtf is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis sh-------iieeeeeeeet :scream:
What kind of eerie sorcery is this?
Maybe some easter eggs from devs or new pets?

everything fine for me

Well given the big final reward for the last stage is, let me check… a tree?

Then yeah, I think they’re maybe running out of things to create for Battlepass. :slight_smile:

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Then it’s mods issue on my side.

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image (4)

image (6)

At least they’re self-aware about it.


dangggg i really hoped we get new secret pets, what mods are you using to get those bug-pet?

A tree is pretty awesome, when you think about it. :slight_smile:

I once tried to build a base amongst the tree’s, thinking how cool it would look. Only to find out that all the tree’s despawned once they were too close to the base.

If they’d just put in some chopable-looking tree’s in the next battle pass, that would be the cats meow.

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Absolutely agree.

There are so many great ideas out there in the mod community. Funcom could look there for practically an endless supply of neat things they could add to Battle Passes to make them worthwhile for many years to come.

In all fairness, people have been asking for landscaping options like trees off an on for a while now. And the last reward is kind of cool if you’re going for the spooky dark magic vibe.

But it is still just a tree as far as I know. Doesn’t do anything special other than, you know, sit there. I remain on the fence about it, but my opinion may change once I can get a look at it in game.

I dont have the chalk circle but I expect it to either be

  • just a decorative item that does nothing
  • a different visual to the circle of power

At any rate its not gonna add any new mechanic to the game, cause the battlepass stuff is just cosmetics or something that is in the game already (potions let you do spells that you can get via sorcery)

The point here is that battlepass is NOT pay-to-win, so it cant add any new mechanics.

ps. I was curious about the soul altar in previous battlepass, but it turned out to be just decoration. No function. Also the horse skins from previous battlepass are just that, skins. Undead horse still eats plants.

And I’m still disappointed by that. It should be eating the flesh of humans at the very least… :unamused: alas, I suppose even in death, horses are still herbivores. :expressionless: