What is the point of reporting someone?

What is even the point of reporting cheaters if they can just pop on an alt and keep doing what they are doing? Why hasn’t device banning became a thing? Other online multiplayer games do this. Why can’t conan? There’s nothing more frustrating then losing to a group of exploiters because I (and my group) played honestly. This is beyond tiring. Gaming is supposed to be fun. This is not fun. The cheater in question gloated that he can get away with it via his alts. It doesn’t matter if his main is banned. He’ll just load up an alt. How is this acceptable business practices to let their honest player base keep dealing with this type of nonsense? I also have an entire video of this sky base (I used a bat to get to it). Yes I reported it.


But they will ban a coan for buikding in ways to prevent hacking. FC pvp raid is dead. Privates are clique servers at best You arent in the clique, then rules are applied to you more harshly.


I’ll never understand what the point of cheating when playing pvp is anyway. It’s one thing to cheat on PvE or solo when your actions don’t affect the other players and you’re doing it to make your game easier for yourself, but isn’t the point of PvP to show everyone you’re the best? How is that possible when you know (and sometimes everyone else knows as well) you cheated to get there? It’s like people with this mentality get their rocks off on either making the game less fun for others, or they’re only concerned with winning at any cost. If it’s the latter, what part is their satisfaction. The act of winning? The riskiness in knowing they cheated? I just don’t get it.


Psychologically? It’s something they have power over and can be successful at. In their immature minds, life has winners and losers and or you aren’t winning, then you are losing. Since they don’t feel successful in RL, they lash out and gain wins elsewhere and with a zero sum belief system, they have a Darwinian attitude and that means win at all costs and ensure the others lose.


And yet that still makes no sense to me. Maybe I was just brought up differently. :roll_eyes:

Because the cheaters will maximize their clout by any means. We want to fix the exploit in such a way that cheaters will comply or leave.

Enjoy the game.

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Hi @alias_46913

Please make sure you report this over on Zendesk so that the team can look into this further.

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