What is the price of the new map for original game owners?


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The Isle of Siptah isn’t a standalone game, you will need the base game in order to play it, but no price is mentioned, don’t really know why they haven’t made the price public yet, but I am hoping for 15-20 euros :slight_smile:

It’s $19.99 USD for Early Access, the price will increase after that


Where do you see that?
Steam doesn’t show a price yet!

Early access purchase of the DLC is 19.99 USD. Do not know if it will be higher by full release.
IT will be PC only for now it seems, as it is in early access, which means constant hotfixes. Console would slow that down significantly. How long early access last until full release will probably be talked about in the stream tomorrow. The free steam weekend for the base game will allow any console players who have a decent pc/laptop to

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It’s not that I doubt any of you, but could anyone provide a link to where you see the $19.99 price for early access?


Also here, didn’t even see it.

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