What is the Purpose of the Obsidian Shield?

I get the gimmick behind the Obsidian weapons, they are really high in effectiveness but really low in durability (the tools are actually still bad in both). But the shield makes no sense, it’s durability is lower than a Hardened Steel Shield, but for some reason it has a high Health Damage and Armor Penetration. The problem is, we can’t hit people with shields, and there is no varying level of effectiveness with them, they all do the same thing, block all incoming damage that is directly in front of you, the only benefit one shield has over another is its Durability, and how long it can take a beating before it needs to be repaired.

So the Obsidian Shield is literally worthless as a top tier piece of gear, as it has one of the lowest durability scores of any shield.

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"People using obsidian shields shouldn’t throw stones (because its basically glass.) :wink:

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