What is the strength modifier for pets?

Since thralls have a strength modifier (Wak and/or Firespark have made videos on this topic) I am assuming that pets also have a strength modifier?

I read in this topic: Greater pet damage modifier

… that it is 1.0 for “Greater” pets. Is this correct? And I assume then that pets that are not “Greater (something)” have a lower strength modifier?

I am trying to figure out how to compare the result of the strength numbers (strength x strength modifier) between for example my Greater Elephant, Aries and Umbra the Slayer (strength modifier 1.56 according to the wiki).

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Strength Modifier on the wiki means MeleeDamageModifier. Its a number multiplied by your thrall’s equipped weapon. Its misnamed.

Pets are 1.0 because they do not essentially equip weapons.

Your best bet is to get a stopwatch, and send in your pet against something, see how long it takes to kill. Then your thrall against a similar target. Once that’s done you can compare the time to kill.

Unless you have access to mods, then you can use Hosav’s UI and see floating damage numbers from followers and have a better picture. Unfortunately looking at the stat page of a pet verus a thrall will not give you a whole picture.

For example. Aries the named Dog can do upwards of 400 damage. With a mod of 1.0. Where as a Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker can do around 150 with a one hander with a mod of 2.21

Unfortunately even with that info doesn’t tell the whole story either. As the RHTS can do much more DPS than the dog.

Just a FYI, I’ve been requesting that they fix this and make things a bit easier to read and be more transparent for a while now. Maybe a 3.0 thing. But that’s just a hope.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Regards, C

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Alternatively, in your Menu under Settings you can display the health bar and numerical data on NPC health. It works well to watch the numbers in real time, and if you record it you can get averages pretty quickly.

basically formula is( weapon damage x melee damage modifier+strength damage bonus=final damage) for thralls .Strength damage bonus depends from how many strength thrall have but there is hidden multiplyer.1 str for cimmerian give about 0,37 percent bonus to damage.For nordheimers give 0,5.RHTS 0,8.Pet get about 10 percent bonus.So 10 str for pet can double damage.Btw player get 2 percent bonus

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Another thing you have to keep in mind is that pets seem to have variable amounts of “hyper armor” to their attacks. Where even similar creatures like a dog and wolf will yield very different results.

As @Taemien says just stat pages aren’t very helpful in comparing pets to thralls. I did a bunch of time to kill testing at console siptah launch, taking notes, as I prefer pets to thralls. Finding ones that are somewhat competitive or fill a niche thralls cannot is always a lot of work.

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