What one-handed sword is best now?

So I just went to make my go-to endgame weapon, the black ice broad sword (at least it’s my go-to until I get The Predatory Blade to drop), and I found out it got nerfed insanely bad. Makes no sense, you have to defeat a dungeon full of frost giant to make it. Now, what’s the point of doing the Frost Temple?

Anyway, can someone tell me the best one-handed swords now? Is Predatory Blade still #1?

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According to the wiki…Pred Blade dominates with 108 base damage but remember that is only light attacks and therefore your strength 10 perk isn’t effective.

Balias and El’s drinker are tied @ 67 but open to heavy attacks.

First craftable is Anct Lemurian Sword @ 46 base


There is a bit to unpack.

First of all, this one shares lamentation that Black Ice was reduced to a deplorable and useless state.

Secondly, how much do value the Sunder debuff?
For craftables, this one considers the Dragonbone Sword a dark horse contender due to Dragonbone adding Sunder.

Otherwise, it is as mentioned above, unless you have access to Siptah.

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I personally use the Tulwar of Amir Khurum because I build full Agility and it’s an Agilty 1H Sword; you can loot it from normal Legendary Chests next to World Bosses.
It’s only 59 DMG and 9.9% AP, but if you like Rolling Thrust and play Agility, it’s pretty good IMO.
I do have 5pts in Strength to get that extra 10% Heavy Attack damage.

Now if you do build full Strength go for El’s Drinker, you also loot it in basic Legendary Chests.
It is 67 DMG and 9% AP, and applies Bleed (I suppose it’s the same as obsidian weapons, a single non-stackable bleed effect)

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Sunder is really good against high-armor targets, same as armor penetration, but if you’re using any kind of damage buff (armor, elixir, food) you generally prefer raw damage values as the buffs are a percentage of this raw damage.

On top of this, if you have anything that already boosts your armor penetration (Agility 2 and 4 giving an extra 35%) you rather have more raw damage to take advantage of the armor penetration you already have.

Still you’re right, on Siptah, the Sword of the Outer Dark is straight up a better version of the Dragonbone Sword (43dmg 7.2% AP, against 34dmg 6.75% AP)


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