What religious items provide the most utility?

Of all the items available to the religions of the game what items are the most useful utility wise ?

I would find set’s antidote be the most useful because being able find alcohol from most camp I be to(this is on siptah), this would allow to buff myself +3 to Str and Vit for drinking 5 time and clear away the alcohol poisoning that came with it.

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@BrutusWhitefang ,It didn’t use to remove alcohol poisoning , now it does ?

Set arrows, set antidote, jhebbal sag night vision potion. I haven’t messed with ambrosia in a while, I know it no longer heals like it did but it does provide a stat boost I believe, so it may have utility as a good source depending on stack size/weight. The orbs from the Zath religion can give your enemies an unwelcome surprise as well.

Nothing from the other ones eh?

I don’t particularly find Yog, Derketo, or Ymir to have worthwhile craftables. I’m sure someone could argue otherwise, of course. But my top two utility wise are definitely Set and Sag.

Ymir provides access to steel-level arrows at low levels. Yog’s purified flesh heals & provides food; I have a vague memory of it also providing hydration, but I could be mistaken. Derketo gives potions that boost Grit, which are super-useful at low levels & continue to have value even later. All these are using the base altars.

While it’s not strong, the Deketo armor looks cool. The Sliver of the Unfulfilled also doesn’t spoil like other extractables, making it a good choice to gather on longer expeditions.

Can I ask another a question ? Now what about utility at level 60 ?

The healing from Mitra’s ambrosia & Yog’s purified flesh is outclassed by dedicated healing items at max level. Derketo’s grit potion is still helpful, and Set’s antidote potion continues to negate poisons. Ymir’s arrows are not as good as obsidian, hardened steel, or razor arrows, but they are cheap & easy to mass produce. I can’t speak for Zath or Jhebbal Sag.

I agree with you I hope they buff the religion items. I wish they all had more to contribute at max level. You wouldn’t figure any religion would have more to offer at the highest level than the others. They provide items from the gods after all. Why should any gods be more useful than the others at any level at anytime in the game. Not sure if this was an oversight or not.

In terms of just straight up utility, yeah, not a whole lot going on. I usually drink one of the potions from Derketo when I’m heading out the door, but it’s not like I go out of my way to make them. I like the armor too, though it’s more practical to use something else.

Agreed. :’(

But, for the love of God no nerfs to them.

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The Yog armor set has plus 10 survival now. No armorer needed. Likely meant as a way to help boost survival to that 30 point perk at lower levels. Honestly however it doesn’t seem worth upgrading the shrine for.

The various feasts are some of the best healing foods in the game though Ymir’s can overheat you in hot areas. The op Zath spider orbs seem offset by there being no Zath feast.

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:woman_facepalming: , I was running all the island around to find snakes at the beginning , until I find out that the serpent dungeon provides greater doses of snake poison …
I have a bad habit to choose Crom for starting religion but I got lucky and I find one priest that grant me the Set eyes , so tomorrow I guess I’ll finally fix my first religion temple on Siptah .
I remember at the beginning I was fixing all the Altair of all the religions , now I fix only what I need , after all I hate great land claim in pve official servers , it is just not right for me :woman_shrugging:t3: .

Speaking of items that teach religions, did Funcom ever get around to adding an item that teaches the Zath religion, or are we still stuck spending skill points to learn it if we didn’t choose it as the starting one?

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@Glurin ,I really don’t know , I am still noob on Siptah , Yet even if they did , it has to be a really rare drop from a really unexpected mob :joy::joy::joy: , keep slaying m8 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

Yog meat fills in my attribute gaps.

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