What running an AirBnB business has taught me about consumers & feedback. (How it's like to be Funcom)

TBH, this entire discussion is pointless.
Meanwhile, Funcom fixes the game, with or without our approval.

That’s good enough for me. People have made up their minds, so why even talk about it?
Everyone’s coming here pulling on the plant, thinking it’ll make it grow faster, all the while it’s growing merrily along, with or without your frustrations.

The people giving feedback on the bug forums, and suggestions, those are the people making a difference.

You, calling people to not buy a DLC cuz Funcom isn’t fixing things fast or good enough is not making a bloody difference at all.

Hell, I could have simply never made this post. It’d have made no bloody difference at all.
The point of this post has absolutely nothing to do with how funcom should do things, or whether they deserved the treatment they are getting…but more about consumer attitudes like:

People would actually pay 40$ not to service someone like you. I know I would.

Did you know on AirBnB, hosts can review guests as well?
Man… imagine that being applied to the gaming industry. Holy shyte.
Permanent record on Steam account.


See, what I demonstrated was just one extreme to another. Not pleasant is it?

Like the old and wise saying goes: “Everything in moderation.”

Feedback is good, just don’t add an unnecessarily large component of contempt.

Everyone can throw shyte at each other endlessly, as this entire thread has demonstrated. We need to be better than this.


I know right? And imagine getting badges for likes and giving likes and stuff, good reps and all on steam, and having this contribute to your steam level.

The steam forums would then at least have a modicum of decency and respect.


Why you keep try makes me look bad and go for personal attacks? while I only express my opinions trying to ignore it and keep this on a discussion level.

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For the following, alone:

If your not nice, and giving negative

feedback, you are bad.

Constructive feedback + polite = awesome

Negative feedback + politeness = neutral

Negative feedback without being nice = bad

Negative feedback + contemptuous component = toxic

If you can’t handle your own medicine, why dispense it?

Oh i’ll tell you why. Because you paid 60 euros. That gives you the right to treat others like crap for failing.
Maybe countries need to start requiring consumers to have a purchasing license, so they can maintain some semblance of decency.

They released a game for $50 and single player is even bugged out. Just about any game that has single player that I’ve played runs much better and feels complete than CE does. It isn’t about if the BUGS are game breaking. They usually aren’t but they get so repetitive that it wares you out.


I get you. We’ve had to deal with it for a whole month, which is unusual and it wears on everyone. They are fixing it tho. Bad timing really did their head in.

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You know whats funny? you so sure and full of your self that u think you can analyze people so perfectly that im actually laughing from all the garbage u write about me.
maybe you think im a 16 years old that live on his parents money.
so let me tell you somthing, im actually a grown man, who pass a lot in life, my “i dont give a f*” attitude is only because i feel that this is how Funcom behave to us.
My attitude wasn’t towards you at any point, only to Funcom, yet you for some reason put yourself as Funcom speaks man and get offend, which make you go for the personal attacks on me.
I dont need you to pay me 40$ because what i do in life is pay other to do things for me. and yes if they dont get the job done properly i will say what i think.
Go find a kid to pick on, because your ‘Lefty’ ‘im perfect’ ‘all who not like me is idiot’ attitude dont make any impression on me :sweat_smile:


get’s out a big glove catches the flying shyte Dankika throws
instead of adding to that shyte and throwing it back, aptly puts it into a garbage bag and puts it into the “eternal loop of shyte tossing” category bin
gives Dankika a thumbs up

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You state you are an adult ,but when presented with a logical point in this discussion you instead of responding in kind you went hostile and negative. Now either logical discussion is beyond you,You are really the child you state you are not portraying or you are just a hostile troll who just feeds off negative discussions.

As to how all that achieves your supposed goal of improving the game… is definitely beyond me.



Report your “newfound” bugs in the correct thread, and talk like a normal person, thats what this is about, nobody cares for spam, and when one guys keeps spamming a thread that has nothing to do with the topic its a matter of understanding, and you clearly missed it.

The topic here is about perception and the different way customers behave in these situations, hope you get it now.

We all report what we find, but we do it in the correct thread so that the posts are being handled correctly, thats all, nothing to do with you as a person.

Also, dont repeat old bugs that allready are being worked on, it`s allready logged and looked at, if you have anythinhg new, report it in the bug thread, and dont hijack this thread or others that had an interessting topic and discussion.


We’re getting flags due to off-topic comments and personal attacks. This topic has been kept open because there’s been consistent discussion, please make sure it follows community rules.

I can’t say I feel any compassion towards you if you really charge that much for a home stay. This AirBnB system is ruining entire neighbourhoods and raising rents so that families and students or artists are pushed out. And it is not evil investors who are the motor of this development but your greedy neighbour who is abusing AirBnB to rent out entire apartments the whole year around. They don’t pay taxes and give nothing back to the society they feast upon. Really bad example for things that aren’t going well on game development.

I have never seen any PvE server with more then a handful of people in it compared to my pvp server which normally sits at 30 for most of the day.

PvE servers are cool but unless they have a dedicated moderator to actively control building spots then after a few days of play people get bored cause some solo or clan decided to build close or on a resource spawn you need and you can’t do anything about it.

And then you can’t do anything else. If anything PvE-C are the way to go as it still allows you to at least fight during raid hours and be able to shove people who squat on a resource.

I might agree with you, if this was Guangzhou/ Shanghai, or Hong Kong, or anywhere in Asia (except Japan) for that matter.
But in most of Europe one must receive the permission of all Tennants in a building if one wishes to earn money with AirBnB. So either all Tennants can benefit from this, or no-one.

Furthermore, there are locale-taxes, under which AirBnB revenue falls under. The governments in Europe actually gain a good amount of extra tax income from this… that’s not even including income tax. And let me tell you… central European tax enforcers mean SERIOUS business. You don’t get away with tax evasion for long.

As for AirBnB driving out artists and students…

Students have free education here. From Kindergarten all the way to university. They are debt-free by law.
Artists are normally unemployed and enjoy a monthly national “minimum security” of 780 Euro if they don’t own anything at all. The government also pays the rent. Everyone here has health insurance by law and basic medical care is a human right.

Artists who aren’t unemployed, or are savvy enough to thrive independently can usually afford a good apartment. If not, there’s always the social welfare option.

Now, those people who buy entire apartment blocks have the city magistracy to answer to… And they aren’t dumb.

If your wondering which city this is, just Google the Nr. 1 most livable city on earth 2018.

Know your AirBnB host before you judge.


Gimme a break! When has an artist ever come from there?

Gustav & Ernst Klimt, Hermann Nitsch, Franz West, Gottfried Helnwein, Koloman Moser… sigh

Phucking Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss and Haydn, man! :smiley:

Artists are the cities blood :slight_smile:

I can’t go to Burgerking without passing a hand pan musician, or violinist.

Artists are the city’s blood? Ewww… things like filtering sounds from their cluttered brain through a reed instrument and onto a damp street should NEVER be as valued as it is today.

@OP: Don’t F with my money, ok? I don’t give a rats as$ about how hard it is for you in particular to run your business, I’m paying you for my vacation. If you screw it up, I WILL be pissed. You can whine and complain all you want about things breaking and how the customer reacts, but you know what? Inspect the property you own, do regular maintenance on it, and you will minimize the number of times this happens. If you still don’t like it, you’re in the wrong business.

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